What’s in Your Bag?

This “challenge” has been floating around the blogosphere lately so I figured I’d give it a go!


They say that what we carry around with us everyday defines us and to a large extent provides a snapshot of what our life is like right now. I say – lets put it to the test!


What’s in MY Bag?

1. Camera!

Actually this is Mr.C’s camera but as I needed to take a picture his was kind enough to be my stand in. I usually take my camera everywhere because lets face it – you never know when you’re gonna need it! For those who are curious mine is a Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS Elph and I freakin’ love it! One day (when we’re rich) I’ll upgrade to a “grown up” camera and shoot all fancy & manual but until then my little point and shoot will have to do! I highly recommend this camera, I’ve never had any issues with it, the battery is rechargeable and lasts a long time (plugs into the wall), and it can also withstand being dropped…a lot…and falling off of a moving car!

2. iPod!

Music is the love of my life (besides Mr.C of course!). But seriously – I play it constantly throughout the day. I can’t live without it! I find that music can both compliment my mood or vastly change it. And basically, my iPod plays the soundtrack of my life.

3. Chapstick!

Definitely something you can’t live without it esp. if you are a lip biter like me (sad face) or battling cold weather (me again!). My favorite chapstick? Blistex DCT. I used to hate it as a kid (my family’s always used it!) but now it’s my go-to lip treatment. Glossy but super moisturizing.

4. Contact Solution!

If you wear contacts you need solution – end of story.

5. Sunglasses!

I never ever ever go anywhere without my Sunnies (thanks for the new nickname Rachel Zoe!). I wear them year round, summer or winter, rain or shine. I swear my huge eyes suck in more sunlight than you people with normal eyes (or so Mr.C hypothesizes).

6. iPod car converter!

We have an old car with a cassette player so we need a way to play our tunes when we are sick of the radio (or the Chicago soundtrack…it’s our only cassette!). This converter goes through the radio and while it’s not the best – it gets the job done and keeps us from dying during long roadtrips.

7. Wallet!

This wallet rocks. It holds all my money & cards, has a zipper pocket, plus a clear pocket for my driver’s license, and a nice hook for all my keys. I can easily transfer it from purse to purse or pocket to pocket. It’s the “heart” or “command center” of my bag for sure.

8. Vaseline!

My second go-to lip treatment. Vaseline rocks for a zillion different reasons and you can use it for so many things. You can use it to remove make-up, fix a squeaky door, as a skin protector when dying hair or painting nails, and to make your perfume last longer (apply a thin layer to your wrist before spraying the fragrance on). It’s also awesome for chapped lips, especially if you leave it on over night.

9. Mace!

Given to me as a gift when we moved to the city.

10. Rogue Items:

quarter, mint, hair tie, pen. I usually carry paper or a small notebook as well but I used up my last one and have yet to buy a new one. I also always have my cell phone (which is not pictured) but it spends more time in my pocket.


So there you have it!

While the items in my bag may change depending on what kind of trip we’re taking (ie: grocery store v.s. movies v.s visiting friends) or how long it’s going to take (5 min. quick trip v.s. a weekend getaway) – the picture above is a pretty good sample of what is typically in my bag on a day to day basis.

P.S Most of you already know this but I am so not a purse-person. Throughout college I lived out of a tiny little college id-holder “pouch”. Like this:

But after graduating I needed something that could hold a bit more but still gave me the hands-off approach that I’d come to love. Needless to say when cross-body satchel bags came onto the fashion scene I was in heaven!

BELLOSGUARDO bag found here

The two bags I use frequently are both in that style – one in black, one in aqua – both scored at Goodwill. Heck yes!

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek inside my bag! Although now I’m curious….

What’s in your bag?

xo, “Me”


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