It’s Okay Thursday

For It’s Okay Thursday we link up with the lovely Holly over at Eight Six Eleven and Amber at Brunch With Amber.

It’s Okay…

…that I squealed like a little girl in the grocery store last night over pitted dates!! Why I love Christmastime #567: Dates. Delicious. Cheap. Always in stock. Amazing.

to have changed the blog theme/design yet again. ‘cept this time it’s here to stay! For awhile anyway! ;)

to go into chocolate withdrawal and bribe your husband until he buys you some!

…to be really excited about watching last night’s episode of “Work of Art”. I love that show! For those that don’t know – Work of Art: The Next Great Artist is an hour long creative competition (reality) series among contemporary artists. It brings together fourteen aspiring artists to compete for a solo show at the prestigious Brooklyn Museum and a generous cash prize. Each week they are given a theme/challenge which they get x amount of time to complete – then they do an exhibit where the judges critique the work, award a winner, and send someone “who just did not make the cut” home. The show is on Bravo but you can watch it online on Amazon.

…to listen to “The Orange Mountain Music Philip Glass Sampler Vol.Ion repeat all day. Usually I’m not a classical fan but these 21 songs are modern and lovely and best of all – FREE! That’s right, you can get the sampler from Amazon for $0.00.

…to put off all chores until…well…today! my motivation was lacking a bit this week.

…that our bed is covered in glittery because I put up some holiday decorations yesterday. oops.

…that I’m beyond excited for Mr.C’s Holiday Work Party. Although it’s not ’til January we’re already scheming about our costumes…oh what? I didn’t mention that in addition to this being a seasonal jamboree that it’s also a 20s-90s costume party?! Oh yeah! With cocktails, dinner, and dancing ’til Midnight! We’re pumped! And how could you not be with invitations like these:



What are you “okay” with today?

xo, “Me”


2 thoughts on “It’s Okay Thursday

    • yay for sure! ;) i just stumbled upon his music a few weeks ago and love it already. p.s. really liked your “it’s ok” thursday posting. i can relate to practically everything you said – i have a major pinterest addiction, took a job that does not directly relate to my degree (but i’m still excited about it!), bloged twice today, and Mr.C does some bizarre stuff that i think is adorable :) anyway, welcome to the world of blogging!

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