Truth Is Tuesday

Truth Is…

1. I’m no longer unemployed! I was offered a job just a few hours ago. It’s for the last place I interviewed, the Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre located in downtown Minneapolis. At the beginning it’ll be part-time-ish, mostly nights and weekends, and I’ll start as an usher before transitioning to the box office. If after the crazy holiday season they still like me and think I’m a good fit then I might get more hours, other opportunities, and a become a more regular part of the BNW team. I’m super excited! It’s the perfect job to transition me back to the working world. Oh and for all you extra nosy curious people – I’ll be making $8.24/hr. (and of course Mr.C’s comment was “maybe for a Christmas bonus they bump you up the whole quarter” lol)

2. Mr.C just survived his first true “living with a girl” incident and I secretly giggled about it the whole time. Although, I would like to extend a hand in congratulations for conquering the Bathtub Hairball Beast. In all fairness I did offer to do it for him instead…and tonight I shall invest in a hair drain screen which I shall clean myself. Because I love him. And because I can tell from all the bizarre noises coming from the bathroom that he really had a hard time facing my Chewbacca Chia Pet. (P.S. ladies…this is so not just a girl thing so don’t feel bad! oh and, *ahem*, men who shave their beards in the sink!)

3. While I’m sad we’re missing Christmas with our families this year, I’m sorta excited for our first “alone” Christmas. The possibilities are endless! We could eat out, go to the movies, run around downtown, make our own Christmas feast, have a pillow fight, etc. Since it’s our first Christmas as Mr&Mrs, it will feel a bit strange to not be waking up at our parents houses, exchanging gifts, enjoying the traditional dinner, and driving around to see the lights. However, it’s kind of exciting to think that aside from planning to Skype with our loved ones, the Christmas tradition slate is clean and clear. In fact, our lack of plans are actually encouraging us to to start our own, new holiday traditions! And that, I think, its kinda cool.

4. I change the “theme”/background of this blog far too often. And I don’t care. There are so many new & fun themes to try out! Besides I get bored easily and changing the blog scheme is far simpler than rearranging all the furniture.

5. I have a zillion favorite films but the three that come to mind right now are Gone with the Wind, Star Wars (Ep. IV-VI), and Muppet Treasure Island.

6. I have an unhealthy obsession with Google. I love it! It’s helpful, it does a great job with my email, updates me on all the blogs I follow, plus provides me with instant answers to all of life’s questions, all while correcting my spelling and telling me the weather. How do I know it’s gone too far? The phrase “I’ll Google it!” has come out of my mouth 7,385x in a matter of days. Google is my homepage. I use Google as spell check. I consult Google Maps before going anywhere. Uh oh… I’m I’m pretty sure the Church of Search has become my new religion.

7. I swear too much. Pretty sure I was a sailor in a past life.

8. I have a love/hate relationship with snakes. I like reading about them, learning new things, visiting the zoo’s reptile house, and watching terrifying video clips about them but in real life they give me the heebie-jeebies (okay I’m actually petrified!), I’ve had far too many nightmares about them, I sometimes hallucinate that sticks are snakes, and I will (seriously!) kill you if you ever tease me with one, try to make me touch it, or even bring it remotely near me. You have been warned.

9. I have recurring dreams. 4 of them to be exact. Sometimes they only pop up once a year sometimes every month or two, and others might happen for 3 nights in a row. I remember them all vividly. One of them has been with me since I was 11. 2 are like old friends, one is just odd and mysterious, and the other is a nightmare.

10. Although I sometimes crave a Coke or Dr.Pepper, my preference is for clear pop/soda. Sprite, 7-up, you name it! And I absolutely looove Squirt. Although most of the time I just stick to water. It’s better for ya.

xo, “Me”


2 thoughts on “Truth Is Tuesday

  1. #2-I don’t even like cleaning my own hair out of the shower drain. This is gross, but I put some of my hair on the wall as I shower so it doesn’t all go down the drain (and there’s still more than I expect). But don’t worry, I clean it off the walls when I get out. And the guys part is definitely true too!!
    #9-I have recurring dreams too! I wish I could finish other dreams if I wake up in the middle of them though. I want to know what happens…

    • Sarah – lol that’s funny! Yeah, I try to brush my hair before I shower now so I can cut down on some of the hair. as for the dreams – I agree, sometimes I wish I could finish certain dreams, of have a different episode of them every night – like a tv show!

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