Dear Monday

As always, I’m linking up with Happy Day for Dear Monday.

Dear Monday, I plan to spend most of you in bed. After a jam packed holiday weekend I have a lot of sleep to catch up on. Plus, I think I might be coming down with a cold. major lamesauce.

Dear Potential Cold, go away. Or else.

Dear Christmas Ornaments, I am so happy we found you stored away in Mr.C’s room at home! I am excited to string you up and bring some seasonal cheer to this apartment.

Dear Digital Camera, why must you tease me so! First I find your manual switch (and a plethora of new, fun manual options) but then you insist on jamming your zoom yet again and this time I cannot seem to fix you.The only one happy about this situation is Mr.C, who I assure you is very happy to be hearing less “wait! I need to take a picture of that for the blog” and “just one more!”s.

Dear Acai Pomegranate juice, you complete me. That is all!

Dear Thanksgiving, thanks for being so awesome. It was great to get out of the city for a bit, visit with friends & family, and fill our days with food, laughter, games, more food, late night parties, and a thrift store or two.

Since we already recapped our Thursday&Friday-day goings-on lets start where we left off…

Friday night, we enjoyed the new Chinese restaurant and Christmas Walk in a neighboring town followed by a fun but smokey game night at my mama’s house (we forgot to open the flue when we used the fireplace….ooops)


I spent most of  Saturday with my mama & GMA hitting up all the area thrift stores while Mr.C enjoyed a relaxing day at home with his family. He was glad to having nothing to do for a change. We met up for dinner with his fam (yay for delicious Sievert’s pizza and bread+cheese) followed by yet another fun evening with friends – snacking, poker, and Partini (great game!) were on the agenda that night as well as the dreaded goodbyes. Oh how we wish we could bring our gang back to Minneapolis with us!

Sunday morning greeted us with a scrumptious brunch and round or two of Pictionary with Mr.C’s family. At 1pm, we packed the car and made the rounds to say our “love yous!” & “see you laters!” before heading off into the sunset gray afternoon.




6 hours and a bit of caffeine later we were back in Minneapolis.



Obviously I was having waaaay too much fun with my new-found camera settings. Thanks to “high florescent” for these sweet images!

Finally back in cozy quarters, we snuggled up with some Walking Dead zombies for the night. Which brings us to the next point…..

Dear Walking Dead, although last night’s mid-season finale was fabulous why must you wait until Feb. 12 to start again. What will we do without you on Sunday nights? The laundry?! As if….

Dear New Music Monday, you make me smile and I hope everyone enjoys you as much as I do. I like combing my iTunes for the perfect tracks to share. Today’s songs contain what I like to think of as “hidden gems”. The lead up might be slow or unusual but then it hits you….that catchy chorus, genius riff, or lyric that really calls out to you. So, here they are:

 “From Now On” by The Features

“Coffee And Wine” by Chadwick Stokes

“Sugarite” by Abra Moore

“Neighborhood 1 (Tunnels)” by Arcade Fire

“Marathon” by Tennis

Hopefully these new tunes will help brighten your Monday afternoon/evening…the darkness is creeping in quickly here and it’s only 4:45. I’ll catch you all back here tomorrow for “Truth is Tuesday”!

xo, “Me”


2 thoughts on “Dear Monday

    • yes – downtown galena as we zoomed by! lol and i do too! it’s hard to tell from the small image but he was laughing so hard. which reminds me i must post the pics to facebook

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