Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Mr.C & Me

I know I said we’d be back on Monday but just wanted to pop in for a quick hello. Did you all have a good Thanksgiving? I hope so! Ours was really great.

After our 6 hour drive back to IL we visited first with Mr.C’s family and then headed over to my mama’s house for dinner with my family. It was delicious-I stuffed myself full of turkey, gravy, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, gravy, rolls, & more gravy! ;) Afterwards we just spent time visiting with friends and a dear family friend, S., and played cards. It was perfect. Very low-key and fun.

Today we escaped potential injury & death skipped the Black Friday shopping frenzy and went to visit more family instead. Now I’m just chilling at home while waiting for Mr.C and his fam to get back from the movies. Then we have plans to meet up with our dear friends for dinner and, I’m sure, some shenanigans (and Euchre!) afterwards. So excited that we were able to come down to visit family and catch up with friends too!

Looking back, we have so much to be thankful for this year. Our great families. A group of fantastic friends (new+old, near+far). College graduations, an amazing wedding, and a successful move. Mr.C’s job. Our dream trip to Hawaii. Being happy and healthy. And all the little things. Like the unusually warm weather we’re having, Chipotle chicken burritos, Skype, safe traveling conditions, the slew of great movies that have hit theaters recently, fluffy towels, and of course being able to spend every day with ones we love. It goes without saying that we’re excited to see what surprises the end of this year will hold. It’s bound to be good, after all “it’s the 011 son!”. Haha! Anyway….

Happy holidays everyone! And happy shopping (if you’re brave enough to go out!). Happy long weekend. Happy days full of yummy leftovers. And happy Christmas music-listening (because it is now appropriate to do so!)


Let the seasonal fun begin!

xo, Mr.C & Me


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