No Heat Curls – Hair Tutorial Review

Let me preface by saying that my hair is thick, hard to curl, and extremely slick. (Kentucky Katie calls it my Teflon hair!) This is great for how I usually wear it – down and straight. But sometimes a girl just wants to spice it up you know?! I have tried rollers & curling irons, yet within minutes my hair is falling flat, and it’s not due to lack of hairspray (trust me).

So when I stumbled across a no-heat curl hair tutorial that only uses a headband I knew I had to try it. Super simple for a low-maintenance lady like me. The technique is really easy too. It probably only took me 15 mins to complete. You do it after a shower, with damp hair, and then you sleep on it (although on a weekend, you could probably do it in the morning and let it out in the evening).

I’m not going to do a tutorial on this blog since some lovely ladies have already done it justice in my opinion. If you want to give it go – here is the tutorial I used:

All I did was – shower, let my hair dry a little, put in some Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum (it’s magic I swear!), spritz in some Aussie Catch the Wave Sprunch Spray, put my hair up following the tutorial’s directions, finished with hair spray and voila!

Then I went about my night – did some dishes, made dinner, got laughed at by Mr.C when he came home, you know the usual! By the time I was ready for bed my hair had started to dry and was beginning to slip out of the head band. I attribute this to my slippery hair and the fact that I have tons of short layers. Longer hair or hair of the same length would probably be easier to work with – also a smaller headband with better elasticity.

Oh yeah! Rockin’ it!

Now, fast forward about 8 hours and I wake up to this….

Not perfect but still holding strong.

So I take it out….

and sure it’s curly! but definitely not how it should’ve turned out (as if you couldn’t tell by my facial expression! lol).

Lets just blame it on my ridiculous, mischievous hair, crazy layers, and styling inexperience!

Thankfully, after I finger combed through it, it started to settle down. Still not something I’d probably wear outside of this apt. (at least until I perfect the technique) but at least it doesn’t look as bad as it did earlier.

See? Tolerable.

And now for the fun part! For our shared amusement, I decided to brush out my curls (which you are not supposed to do ever!).

Now! Who wants to invite me over for Thanksgiving?! hehehe…

Anyway, thanks for stopping by guys! I hope everyone has a really great holiday break. I’ll be putting the blog on pause until next week so I can truly enjoy time with friends, family, and delicious leftovers.

xoxo, “Me” (& Mr.C)


3 thoughts on “No Heat Curls – Hair Tutorial Review

  1. I haven’t even tried curling my hair in years. I take that back, once for a wedding last year and that’s it. My hair is very thick too (and long most of the time), and takes FOREVER! I have tried rollers, and that’s never going to happen again. I looked like Little Bo Peep and my hair had to be 8 inches shorter. Yikes!

    • Haha yes, the last time I truly curled my hair, my friends made the curls super tiny and i looked like a poodle – or Mr.C, since at that time he still had his fro. Apparently curls are just not our thing!

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