Truth is Tuesday

It’s that time again.”Truth is…” Tuesday time!

Truth is…

1. I’m writing this from the toilet… lol the lid is closed you pervs! But seriously, the only radiator in this ice-box of an apartment is located next to the toilet and since today has been extremely breezy… I’m talking Winnie the Pooh blustery…or at least that’s what it feels like thanks to our drafty windows, I’m forced to hole up in the bathroom, hunched over heater like a modern cavewoman. Ah…first world problems…

2. I hate washing silverware. It’s cold and often slimy and sometimes there’s dried food…ew.

3. I check my email & refresh my Facebook page far too often throughout the day… doesn’t everybody?! no? ….oh….

4. I was reading about the Muppets this morning and was sweet enough to suggest these other search options! Yeah…about that…. lol


5. I still listen to (and love!) Avril Lavigne. What? She gets me. In high school the lyrics to her songs felt like they were written just for me. Plus, her choruses are catchy. And some of her phrasing is brilliant. For example:

“The postcard that you wrote with the stupid little note / Something wasn’t quite right about it /
It smelled like cheap perfume and it didn’t smell like you / There is no way you can get around it
Because you wrote / CHORUS / I wish you were her, you left out the ‘E‘ / You left without me”

6. The words “hubby”, “wifey”, and “mommy” kinda make me wanna throw up. So not a fan. Other words I dislike include “slacks”, “journaling”, “nifty”, and “get’r’done”.

7. I am far too excited for Parenthood tonight. It is one of my all time favorite television shows. I’ll probably weep whenever it goes off air (which better be never!) Same goes for my beloved Grey’s.

8. Ryan and I sleep under different comforters. That’s right! No Bedroom Battles in this this house. We sleep with separate covers and it rocks! Of course this means we rarely have a perfectly made bed unless company is coming over (okay lets be honest, that’s really the only time we ever make the bed anyway!). But we’d rather we comfortable when we’re sleeping. If I can’t stick a foot or a leg out during the night I go crazy and thrash around until I can. Most mornings I wake up with a few inches of blanket covering one ankle and another tiny portion over my waist and shoulders. Usually I’m so hot I can’t stand it. Yes, I also sleep with a fan on. All year round! Yes, I’m also one to sleep in shorts and bare feet in the winter. Mr.C on the other hand? He’s usually lying under his comforter and most of my comforter (which I’ve tossed off during the night) plus the occasional pillow which he’s captured in a bear hug. And he’s perfectly happy. He’ll even sleep with the blankets over his head! I’d rather die than sleep in a cocoon. Anyway, if find yourself always fighting over stolen sheets, do as the Cartys do and save yourself the hassle.

9. My favorite children’s book of all time is “The Piggy In the Puddle”.

My mama does the best voices for the piggies. And side note: to all my friends who are expecting (or will in the future), don’t purchase this book as you are likely to receive it as a gift from me. Cuz it’s that awesome.

10. I down Cranberry juice like…

nobody’s business

it’s going out of style

 there’s no tomorrow

just can’t get enough! 

There you have it! Ten Truths for Tuesday.

So, spill it, what’s your truth for today?


2 thoughts on “Truth is Tuesday

  1. I just can’t wait to meet you. I love reading your words and actually giggle some….
    My Mr. C and I sleep with 4 fans, my foot has to be free from covers and we fight over blanket.
    I’ll try your idea…2 blankets…his and hers!

    • aw, thank you! ;) and I love my fan! I even take it with me on trips because it’s one of those really small ones (though we do own a large box fan too). Dunno what I’d do without it. In addition to separate blankets, Mr.C & I both like it when our feet hang off the bottom of the bed (which is fortunate for us considering we sleep on a small futon! lol). Anyway lemme know how the his & hers comforters work out for you! We swear by it!

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