Dear Monday feat. "New Music Monday"

Hello fabulous people! Hope your day is going well so far. I’m sure you’re all looking forward to this little Holiday break (and turkey…and rolls…and mashed potatoes…and gravy….oh so much gravy!).

Anyway, this Megan is linking up with another Megan over at Happy Day for “Dear Monday…”. Okay, lets do this!

Dear Monday

Dear Monday, you mark the beginning of Thanksgiving week and for that I am glad. 3 days from now we’ll be making the trek back to ‘ol Illinois to celebrate with family and friends. I anticipate food….lots of food. Can’t wait!

Dear Chores, I have a bunch of you today including laundry, dishes, making tacos for dinner, writing this blog post, emailing a dear friend, and making more headway on the 65 wedding thank you I have left. And showering somewhere in between all that. Here’s wishing I had a magical wand a la Harry Potter. Oh muggle problems.

Dear ABC, I am very disappointed in you. The news of Pan Am‘s defacto cancellation makes me extremely sad. I absolutely ♥ that show!! damn you ABC….

Dear Ellipsis, … I think you are the coolest thing since sliced bread silly putty Phil Collins (love that man!). I use you far to often but I don’t care.

Dear Tarzan, dang you have a great soundtrack. That goes for you too Little Women!

Dear “chung chung”, you’re probably the greatest TV sound ever.  “chung chung” is both a noun and a verb and it makes daily life far more interesting. For example, one might “chung chung” before pulling back the shower curtain or opening a door. Thank you Law & Order SVU for such an epic and ominous two tones.

Dear Apartment Garage, why do you not fit our car? It’s not even that big! We had hoped to get our vehicle out of the winter elements but sadly you have dashed those dreams. Who were you built for?! A clown car?! honestly….

New Music Monday

Thanks to the success of last week’s “Dear Monday” post I have declared that “Dear Monday” Mondays will also be “New Music Monday”s since most of you seemed to enjoy the tunes I shared last time.

I am hoping that this feature will give you a chance to experience music/genres/artists you might not otherwise have listened to as well as reunite you with some old favorites. So here we go!

From my speakers to yours with love:

“We Move Lightly” by Dustin O’Halloran

Darlin Do Not Fear by Brett Dennen

Sister Rosetta (2011 Version) by Noisettes — it’s the second verse (46 sec. in) that’ll really hook ya!

“Surprise Hotel” by Fool’s Gold (the perfect on your way to work, walking on a crowded sidewalk, speeding down the interstate at night song)

So there you have it friends! I hope you all have a great day!

Oh but before you go I’d love to know-

which song was your favorite? 


what’s one song you’re obsessed with right now that you think I need to listen to?


xo, “Me”


thanks for commenting!

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