Wordless Wednesday

                                                                                                   drawing for my H.S. senior sketchbook

I haven’t written in ages.

Obviously I blog, type quick quips on Facebook, or lengthy catch-up emails to friends,

but I haven’t really written. In ages.

In high school, I used to write love letters in the novel-form to Mr.C. I dabbled in text-based role-playing games online (Harry Potter if you must know!). I collaborated with friends (Fab Four shoutout!) on a script for a school project which, if I attempt to put it simply, was basically our version of SNL in a Historical Time Warp. I spent hours perfecting my own modern Canterbury Tales for English class along with (always-over the assigned page limit) essays for class.

In my free time, I’d swallow books whole and hit repeat on CDs just to drown in the lyrics I adored.

I also started writing poetry; and lots of. Some of it was good, some of it was absolutely dreadful, and some of it I still really love. I actually used to share all of it over at a little website known as deviantart.com. My alias was “Raevnn” – (jump the link if you want to see my page).

When I left for college I promised myself I would continue to write poems and be a part of the deviantArt community. But sadly, I did not. Real life caught hold and after putting so much work into 15 pg research papers, you get tired. You let things go.

One summer I printed off all of my writings and put them in a binder so that I’d have them as a keepsake years down the line. They are currently collecting dust, deep in a closet at my mama’s house.

But when coming up with ideas for today’s blog post, I realized that all those words I’d written once-upon-a-time were probably still floating around in cyberspace. So I hunted them down and lo and behold there they were – frozen since 2007.

Talk about a walk down memory lane…

So putting aside the laundry, I spent the last few hours holed up under my comforter reading old school assignments, sampling from my role-playing days, and many poems about young love, heartbreak, self-reflection, and politics, among other things.

It’s laughable how immature and amateurish some of it is (sorry teen self!) but I am impressed by others. How in the world did I put some of these phrasings together? I cannot even remember writing some of it and for the rest…it’s sort of like I don’t even know the person that wrote them.

Yet, I know she’s around here somewhere.

She peeked out recently to write our fabulous wedding ceremony wording. And she can still write a mean cover letter.

But as far as creative writing goes, she’s lost touch.

I hope, however, not for too much longer. [note to self: add write more poetry to life list]

Until then…enjoy my random blogging as I work at getting back into literary shape.

And if you can’t wait, crack open the time capsule and enjoy this piece from Nov. 6, 2006 (wow!).


xo, “Me”  P.S. oh! And no news on the job front yet. Soon I hope!  did not get the job. oh well, applying for more tomorrow…


she said

by ~Raevnn

i’m one of a kind
she said
her certainty
cappuccino smooth
that morning
flowing deliciously
through a freshly flossed grin

but that is only me
her fingers trace
illegible figures in the steam of a bathroom mirror
reflecting telephones and towels

curled on the floor
between the toilet and the sink
she taught me of life

its secrets
its truths

how character is who you are in the dark
that a smile can speak a thousand words
that french fries are overrated vegetables
and road trips are required

know that you’ll inevitably make at least one mix tape
that when wishing for news of the heart ask the face
living in a big city is good but leave before it makes you hard
sunscreen can work wonders, if you let it

understand also that politicians will philander
that debt is the new American way
and that religion is what you make of it
reading the directions is key, even if you don’t intend to follow them

and crying
cannot be avoided
your eyes are windows to the world
use them
because ultimately


is blue

is blue

is turquoise

glass bottles silhouetted against window panes

i am one of a kind
she says
whatever that means

i know who i am
now you must find the beauty yourself

her smile echoes across the tile

because that’s just how it is

life                  resumes               its dial tone


5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • lol thanks? ;) and yes…ah pinterest!! though some days i do just wanna buy a massive canvas and throw paint at it. remember sculpture class? ahhh nubby dykstra…. & lemon head – and my “asian” self portrait.

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