Year 8 Date


Verb: Indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events. Synonyms: remember, recollect 

And today we did just that.

With a few “sometimes it feels like yesterdays!”, one or two breathless “can you believe we made it heres?” and many, many “do you remember whens…”.

We shot each other a knowing glance and laughed as the usual response came spilling out, “you’ve been dating how long?! wow! you must’ve gotten together, like, when, high school?!”

Yes. High school. Freshman Year.

Yes. 4 years of high school spent together. 4 years of college spent mostly apart.

8 extraordinary years.

And now we are, as Mr.C would say, “living the dream!”.

It’s been 8 (8!) amazing years, and we’re exactly where we always wanted to be. ♥

So before we share how we celebrated our anniversary with our Year 8 Date, take a short trip back to memory lane with us….


How We Met

…and subsequently fell in love
How We Met

(Mr.C & I back in High School)

Written by Mr.C 

“I moved to Mt.C the summer before my freshman year of high school. Coming from Indiana this was all new to me – the places, the school, the kids. On the first day of school I got my locker assignment where I was placed right next to…. my future wife, Megan!

As the school year went on we started hanging out and, of course, flirting. We’d pass notes in the hall and in class, work together at the concession stand during basketball games, tease each other in Spanish class, play pranks on each other’s lockers, and go to sporting events where we would entertain ourselves by throwing Starburst candy wrappers at each other and our friends.

Eventually, one night, we both volunteered to work concessions at a basketball game being held at the old Mt.C Elementary School just down the street from my house. When no one was buying concessions we spent our downtime throwing popcorn and sword fighting with brooms – basically acting how any other high schooler does to show you like someone.

After packing up the stand we walked outside only to discover that it had started raining; it was just enough to get wet but not enough to want an umbrella. Being the gentleman that I am, I walked Megan back to her grandmother’s house where she was spending the rest of the evening.

We stood underneath the large tree in her front yard to get out of the rain as we said our goodbyes. It was cold and wet, yet we must have stood there talking to each other for thirty minutes before we shared our first kiss and started our journey as a couple together. “


Cue the collective “aw!” – and now fast forward to 8 years later.

We’ve graduated high school, college, moved, married, and traveled.

All those conversations we had over dinner, while riding in the car, during our night time walks, and right before falling asleep.

All the sentences that we whispered to each other – “Someday, one day, we will…” and “When we’re older…”

Well we’re older – now. And we’re here. Living the dream. Fulfilling our somedays and our one days. With so many left to live, so many to enjoy. 

And this?

This is just the beginning.


Year 8 Date

Although we just had an amazing celebration of love approximately 2 months ago (read: wedding!) we always knew we’d celebrate our 8 year dating anniversary. For one, it’d be a great excuse to go out on a hot date and relax together and two, it would allow us to gently bid farewell to the idea of us as a dating couple and usher in the (sure to be epic!) Era of Marriage.

So, for our final dating anniversary, we decided to indulge ourselves with fondue at The Melting Pot restaurant downtown followed by the big screen treat, “Immortals” – then a relaxing evening at home. Blogging & BBC’s “Land Girls” for me, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 for Mr.C, and “Burn Notice” & popcorn for the both of us.

Lunch - original swiss fondue followed by chocolate/peanut butter fondue

goofing around with the fondue forks

Scrumptious cheesecake & a cherry stem knot (who knew Mr.C could do that!!)

being silly at the movie theater

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