Give ’em the old Razzle Dazzle

And that’s exactly what I did at my job interview today,

except I dazzled ’em with honestly and experience instead of sequins and flash like Mr. Billy Flynn.

Anyway, the interview went really well. Only 15 minutes long. Short but to the point and very relaxed. Bonus #1 – no “what is a strength/what is a weakness” questions. Instead we just chatted about my background, job expectations, how to deal with upset patrons, and what excellent customer service means.

Thanks for everyone who voted on what outfit to wear. I wanted to mention that I ended up going with #1 but that it didn’t matter in the end because we ended up mostly doing a walk ‘n talk around the theatre (didn’t have time to remove my jacket  so thank god for a professional looking peacoat).

Bonus #2, I got a tour of the theatre.

As a refresher, New Century Theatre is the newest theatre in the Hennepin Theater Trust family. It’s siblings include the Orpheum, State, and Pantages Theatres. New Century is a flexible use performance space (black box theatre) on the street level of City Center in downtown Minneapolis. It has approximately 300 seats and will be used to bring more local and touring performances to Hennepin Avenue as well as providing a space for educational initiatives such as student cabarets and the Broadway Confidential series (a series of engagements to go behind the scenes, provide a deeper understanding of material seen onstage, and answer questions such as What is the background of the Paris Uprising of 1832 that inspired Les Miserables? or Which theatrical tricks were used to turn animation into live theatre in The Lion King? or What led Green Day’s album, American Idiot, to become a Broadway sensation?). Launching the new theatre is part of the Trust’s work to revitalize Hennepin Avenue and Minneapolis arts culture.

Below are a few images of the theatre (credit for the photos are listed below also):

inside New Century Theatre from

views from the front of the theatre

box office - it's an antique from the historic state theatre

And there you have it. I should hear about the job by Tuesday so here’s hoping I get it!

In other news, today is Veteran’s Day. So thank you to veterans who are with us and for those who are not, for protecting and serving our country, past present and future. Thank you.

Also congratulations to the happy couple, M & S (Mr.C’s dad), on their wedding today. M, welcome to the family! ♥ Enjoy Jamaica and say hello the ocean for us!

And now, I’m off to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Looking forward to what the weekend with bring – we’ll be celebrating our (final) dating anniversary. Rumor is we might be hitting up Melting Pot for fondue and a movie.

I now leave you with some pictures I took today with my phone’s crappy camera.Although it was a breezy 43 degrees, downtown was humming and as my heels clicked along the sidewalk and The Temper Trap murmured in my ear, I was enveloped by the vibe and rush of this city.And I realized that this was what it feels like to truly be in the moment. And I can tell you that, man, was it was a nice one.

Cue – “I think I’m really gonna like this place” feeling.

And exit Stage Left.

xo, “Me”

3 thoughts on “Give ’em the old Razzle Dazzle

    • thanks kathy :) and i agree – looking back on the previous blog posts i even made myself a little nervous lol but it went well so that’s great!

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