Alright fashionistas, I need your help!

I’ve just spent the last hour+ trying to decide what to wear for my job interview tomorrow. It’s for a ticket associate /box office personnel position for (live) theatre. I want to look professional but it’s also a position in the arts so I can get away with a bit of color which is nice.

Okay – so below are far to many awkward photos of myself.

Some outfits are the same but with the addition of a black cardigan. Opaque black tights are a must as it is chilly out. I’m down with the pants but hate the way the pockets stick out. Annoying. Still there is a comfort factor about wearing pants as I am not much of a skirt girl. But… then again a few of the skirt looks are high up on my favorites list.

So, please leave your comments below or simply vote, using the #s provided, as to which outfit you like best.

Thanks so very much for your help!

(I’m pretty sure I need a personal stylist but until I win the lottery that’s not going to happen soon enough so I’ll have to make due with my own fumbling attempts as a stylist until then.)

***also forgive the grainy quality and awful faces I’m making. my web cam was not cooperating today and my regular camera’s battery was dead. but what can ya do!

Carry on…


#2 ——————————————————————————————————–#3

blue top, black pants --------------------- dark pink top, black pants

#4 —————————————-#5———————————-#6——————————#7—————————-#8

So folks…what’ll it be?

My favorites are #3 (black pants, dark pink top), #7 (skirt, cardigan, pink undershirt), #8 (skirt, dark pink top), & #2 (blue shirt, black pants) isn’t too bad except for the stupid pockets….


9 thoughts on “dress2impress

  1. What is the difference between #1 and #7? I like #1 the best btw. Defently go with the skirt. You should always dress up a little more for the interview than you would on a regular day at work. P.S. You are too funny!

    • The diff. between #1 and #7 is that #1 is an actual shirt, the shirt as seen in #8. #7 is a sleeveless undershirt but in the same color as the shirt. I also like #1, ‘cept that the shirt under the cardigan can get a little bulky. But I think it looks nice and plus if I wanna take off the cardigan I can and it’ll still look okay. P.S. Thanks! lol

  2. #7 appears to be the best proportioned of all the photos. The cardigan gives balance to your top heavy (Yes, I’m jealous :-P) figure. And, the skirt sets you apart from the norm (I should know :-)).
    Whatever you decide to wear will not matter once the interviewer gets to know you. Best of luck tomorrow.

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