Life List

Two years ago the Mr. & I were apart and away at college so we Facebooked and emailed a lot. During a late night conversation we unofficially put together a bucket list if you will of all the things we’d like to do and see together. Before our wedding I wanted to print out a copy and frame it but sadly other tasks got in the way and it went by the wayside. Prompted by a recent blog post on Pancakes & French Fries I looked back in my records for our old bucket list, but to no avail. It must’ve gotten deleted during the great “inbox clean out of 2010”. Anyway, we decided to draft another one. But this time with the title “Life List”.

I wholly agree with Jules from Pancakes & French Fries and Nicole from Making It Lovely on this matter.

This list of ours is a “Life List” not a “Bucket List”. We won’t look back at our life together with disappointment if we fail to achieve an item on the list. They aren’t things we need to cross off before we die, they are things we’d like to do. Will we accomplish everything on here? Probably not. But so what? This list simply exists as a collection of things we’d like to accomplish and if writing them down and putting ’em on the fridge helps us achieve some of them then that’s great. And if it doesn’t, then that’s okay too. This type of list should never make you feel guilty about not accomplishing something. It’s merely there to serve as a compass, a motivation, a reminder to hold on to your dreams, both big and small. Also, you should fully expect for this list to change as you do. This list does not dictate, but rather reflects, your life.

So without further ado….

Mr.C & Me’s

Life List


 machu picchu

germany/wwii sightseeing/concentration camps/anne frank house-netherlands

 washington dc (and the holocaust museum)

visit ellis island

visit ireland

visit italy/greece

go on a cruise

grand canyon

 florida (and sea life)

hawaii [completed Oct. 2011 – Honeymoon]

caves in kentucky

blue man group

niagara falls (from the canada side? Maid of the Mist?)

go anywhere outside of the country

travel “West” (*Meg)

the ocean, any ocean (this will forever be on the list!)


camping with the Mr.

run a mile *Meg (haven’t done this since H.S., outta shape)

ice skate


skinny dip

swim with stingrays/dolphins/manatees (*Meg – i’ll take whatever i can get!)

pick blueberries

swim in a waterfall

picnic in a park

dress up & attend a showing of Rocky Horror Picture show

ruthlessly edit my closet down to only my favorite things (*Meg – working on this one)

snorkel or scuba [Oct. 2011 – Hawaii]

Life & Style

live in a big city  [completed Sept. 2011 – Minneapolis]

get married [completed Sept. 2011]

own a “good” camera & be able to use it manually (correctly!) *Meg

have a family tree of both my side and the Mr.’s side (for ourselves and curiosity of our future LOs)

see blue man group (*Mr.C – Meg’s seen ’em and would totally do it again!)

attend chicago bears game (*Mr.C)

get a drastic, uncharacteristic haircut (*Meg)

become parents

live in a condo, townhouse, or cottage at some point

As you can see a few items on our list have already been crossed off! We fully expect this list to change and will continually add and edit as time goes on. To keep you up to date we will create a tab on the Main Page to house our Life List.

In the meantime…

We’d love to hear from you!

What do you think we should add to our list?

xo, “Mr.C & Me”

4 thoughts on “Life List

    • We might just have to take you up on this!! I love Florida – went once with the fam. And in addition to dolphin tours – there are manatee tours too!! And the ocean….and some chick I used to take a ton of classes with who is pretty freaking amazing ;)

  1. The Anne Frank house is in Amsterdam…another country to add to your list!! I love this idea, I may have to use it!

    Your blog is amazing..I love your writing style! Good luck with your interview…I’m sure you got the job! :)

    • Ah yes the Netherlands! :) lol I just lumped it all together with the rest of my WWII sightseeing, since everything’s so close together. I’ll fix the list! And thanks for the compliments (and good wishes for the job – I find out Tues). As for blogging, I enjoy writing and this blog is a great outlet. Glad other people like it as well. And you must do a Life List – it’s really fun to dream, it might also push you to do things you might otherwise not do, or have forgotten about.

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