I did it.

After a few anxious days, a good cry or two (or there), & hours of mental preparation – I finally packed a bag with all my “disaster gear” (extra cash, pepper spray, ipod, multiple copies of the directions, phone, snacks), put on my new boots, and walked down the bus stop.

And got on!

#18 to Downtown.

I even got off at the right stop! And as an extra bonus, the bus’s ticket machine was out of commission so guess who’s first bus ride was free?! This girl’s. Must’ve been a sign, no?

Stepping off that bus down at Nicollet Mall was such a relief and confidence booster. It might seem like a little thing but for those who read yesterday’s post know how my social anxiety was really acting up when it came to taking public transit for the first time and by myself at that.

But I did it! I wandered around Nicollet Mall, navigated a bit of the skyways, found the New Century Theatre (where I’ll interview Friday!), and even popped into Target and Marshall’s where I found some great (on sale!) opaque tights and a new top for my job interview.

Sure, someone got asked to leave the bus for being absolutely ridiculous. Hysterical crying, screaming, swearing at a cell phone. Sure, some creepy dude downtown kept telling every passing lady (including yours truly) that he just because he just got out of prison don’t mean a thang and that he still needs a lady and that “damn, boo, you beautiful.” *shudder* I think it’s the small-town girl inside me that lets these things shake me up. But really, just, no thanks. Still gotta get used to this change of scenery. No worries Mama, I’ll be careful.

While I wouldn’t call the bus fun (yet!), it was tolerable and I will do it again. Go to my job interview. Maybe wander a little bit more around downtown. I can even go to thrift stores by myself now – score!. Maybe hit up a museum or two. Although I am still content to fritter my days away with naps, good books, and a movie marathon or two – this newfound freedom (thanks you public transit!) is really great. Finally feel like a part of this big ‘ol city.

Take that Social Anxiety – you’ve been busted!

In other news:

Between (not) doing the dishes and (not) doing the laundry – I rearranged our apartment. It was getting messy and needed to be cleaned. Plus, I was antsy and looking for a way to calm down after being hypersensitive yesterday to to my bus fears.

Basically, our bed and tv/bookcase switched places. I also moved the curtain to cover part of the window (my mom will frown at this part) but it’s for a good cause because we are right near the parking lot, dumpsters, and bright lights at night and this helps with some of that.

I love rearranging rooms and reorganizing my closer or dresser -have since I was little. Can’t wait ’til we’re “rich” and have more rooms I can play decorator in.



On display in the corner of our “bedroom” (we have yet to hang anything on the walls) is a lovely wedding gift from J., my high school Servant Leadership advisor. I actually looked at this for inspiration this morning before I left and then again with satisfaction when I returned. It is a piece of Subway Style art which reads:

“Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it…”
 ————-Wilfred Peterson

Pretty sweet right?

xo, “Me”

P.S. For putting up with my bus drama yesterday I am gifting you all with a second post which will be put up later this evening!


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