th-ee yoo-z

Yep. That’s what’s happenin’ around here…the usual. The Mr. is off at work and I’m chillin’ at home [not] doing chores and attempting to cook at Cafe Carty.

So far I have made Beef Stew which you heard about already. The Verdict? Mr.C disliked it, the noodles were too mushy and pasty, I agreed but liked the broth so as of now I’m the only one eating that for left overs.

Next up was Bourbon Chicken from this recipe.

Verdict: good but not great. a little to vinegar-y. also was missing the following ingredients: red pepper and ginger. also the sauce was a little thin. will try this one again however!

Next up is Chicken with caramelized garlic and brown sugar glaze via this recipe. Not the healthiest but it smells delicious!

Verdict: freakin’ heaven!!! totally makes up for the last two “just okay” meals. although i overcooked my chicken a tad the glaze is scrumptious! seriously, i’m going to have to padlock the fridge if i want to save Mr.C any – could down this whole pan myself! yummmm…..

In continuing with this post’s food theme…

As you also know we had friends over for a mini Halloween bash.We had a great time watching a bad zombie movie, playing the Munchkins board game, and munching on apples dipped in the most amazing Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Dip. Matt Bi’s lovely mother, D., turned us on to this dip after always making it for our get-togethers during H.S. & college – so now I continue the tradition. It is my go-to dish because it’s super easy to make, delicious, and a definite party pleaser. I highly recommend this dip!

In other news….

this weekend we have plans to hit up at least one park to enjoy the fall weather as well as hittin’ the theater to see “The Rum Diary”. I might also attempt to make Crock Pot Cheesy Chicken and Rice.

As for the following weekend…

The jury is still out on what we should do next Saturday, Nov. 12th, because it’ll be our 8 year dating anniversary. It’ll be the last one we celebrate because we’ve decided that from here on out we’ll only be celebrating our wedding day. Some ideas from our Facebook poll: the following: Melting Pot Restaurant for fondue, Dave & Busters, staying in to play video games (uhm, no thanks! lol that’s from the Mr.’s buddies!), and Mall of America Aquarium. We welcome any suggestions you all might have! Thanks in advance!

Besides brainstorming anniversary ideas…

I’ve also been continuing to work on wedding thank-yous. I have also snagged some fab online coupons for photo prints which allowed me to recently order 300 pictures (for just $18). I was able to print all my “college years” and then some. Needless to say I’ll be working on putting that album together along with our honeymoon album. We also are next in line for our wedding photos to be edited by our professional photographer so we are looking forward to that!

While uploading all my photos to print, which took a good couple hours, I was lucky enough to listen to some new music thanks to’s free mp3s and free sampler albums.

Here are a few of my favorite tunes as of late! Hopefully you like discovering new music like I do!

[click the links to hear each song thanks to]

Blackbird – Glee Cast Version (don’t knock it ’til you’ve heard it!)

Borneo – Firewater

A Case of You – James Blake

Hypem – Atlantic Connection (via – click to hear a clip or download for FREE)

Down in the Valley – The Head and The Heart

Helplessness Blues – Fleet Foxes

Get Low – cover of Lil Jon song by Jackson Foote, Eden Neville, Alex Kost *warning contains language* but seriously this cover is awesome – it’s rapidly becoming a youtube sensation. the voices are amazing, the stylization is brilliant!

Alrighty! Well that’s all I’ve got for now folks. Catch ya later!

xo, “Me”


4 thoughts on “th-ee yoo-z

  1. Hi, Mrs. C

    As much as I would love to take credit for the brown sugar cream cheese dip, I think maybe S was the one who made it most for you kids. I have made it, but neither I nor Mr. Bi remember me making it that often for your get-togethers. You’re getting to be quite the gourmet cook. Everything looks delicious.

    • haha well thanks for pointing that out – my mind is like a sieve lately. well either way – it’s delicious dip! and thanks for always letting us come out to the house to play Matt’s fave game…Battle of the Sexes lol tell Matty we miss him!!

    • we saw run diary too!! lol i liked it, thought it was interesting. definitely more mainstream than fear &loathing but still “cult-y”.

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