Hawaii Part 7: Mahalo for the Memories

…..title inspired by Fall Out Boy’s song “Thnks fr th Mmrs”…..

One night, yeah, and one more time
Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories

Mahalo, Hawaii! We left you with a spring in our step, salt on our lips, photos to fill an album or two, happy hearts (and taste buds!), sand between our toes, and memories to last a lifetime. We won’t forget you and hope to visit you again someday!

Tuesday, Oct. 18:

Official last day in Hawaii.

Originally we had planned to take one last dip in the ocean before hopping on the plane home but considering the extent of our sunburns from snorkeling the day before we opted against swimming. Instead we grabbed breakfast (our last, fresh, Hawaiian Pineapple) and headed to the beach.

And it was a glorious.

We had packed before breakfast so we could spend some time at the beach before we had to check out of the hotel. Our flight left at 4pm so we had an hour or two to kill before we needed to catch a shuttle to the airport.

So we walked along the beach….


…stopped for lunch at the nearest restaurant

Wolfgang Puck Express Waikiki – you did not disappoint! We stopped here on a whim after using it as a landmark every day on our nightly walks. Knowing we’d be hungry on the plane we decided to split a plate and see what all the fuss was about. After the first bite we thought we’d died and gone to heaven! We ordered the Cavatappi Chicken Alfredo – and it was to.die.for! Chicken and noodles in a creamy sauce with parmesan cheese, peas, and bacon topped off with two hearty helpings of freshly made foccacia. I’m drooling as I write this….

Completely full we head back to the hotel lobby grab our bags and catch the shuttle the the airport. It had been sunny every day we’d been in Hawaii, save for the quick rain showers, but today it was cloudy and as we road the 20 minutes to the airport it started to rain. We think Hawaii was sending us a sign that we were going to be missed!


The following hours went as follows:

3:30pm board plane

last glimpse of Hawaii

4:00pm depart for Chicago

overnight flight, watch a movie or two, read a book, try to sleep, damn that crying baby, exhausted

5:00am Wed. morning, arrive at O’Hare

catch our next flight to Minneapolis at 6am

half-empty flight, we get a window seat!, listen to “Sweet Disposition” by  Temper Trap as we float above the clouds, watching the sunrise from the sky

fly into MSP at 7:30am

head back to the apartment, deliberate trying to stay up, end up crashing in bed for hours instead

wake up, finally, around dinner time, look around. cannot believe that “just this morning” we were on a beach in hawaii. un-be-lievable.

“They” say all good things must come to an end but as I look over at the tikis on our bookshelf, the palm tree magnet on the fridge, the shell necklace in the bathroom, the sand still on my sneakers, I think that some of that “good” is here to stay. All the experiences we had and all the memories we made will be with us forever. It’s something we’ll tell our children about one day, something we’ll laugh about over an anniversary dinner, something we’ll draw upon when we need motivation, or when we need a reminder of how fortunate and grateful we are to have had such an opportunity.

It was our first “real” trip together and it definitely won’t be the last.

Mr.C…Aloha Au Ia`oe. I love you! Thanks for “talking me into” this trip, setting my budget$crazy mind to rest, being a fantastic travel buddy, and keeping me present in the moment.

I can’t wait to see what we’ll decide to cross off our bucket list next!

xo, “Me”


2 thoughts on “Hawaii Part 7: Mahalo for the Memories

  1. I came over here because of your mention of the sunset you saw from a plane. But this was such a sweet post. As soon as I finish up my wedding posts, I’ll start working on honeymoon posts! I miss our honeymoon every day..and in reference to our conversations about how much you and I both enjoy English and writing…this is a VERY well-written post. I especially loved the part where you talked about bringing the magic back home with you’s guys. :)

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