Wax On

So you all will have to wait one more day for the next Hawaii installment (snorkeling yah’ll!) but to tide you over ’til then here’s what I’ve been up to lately….

:::watched “I love you Phillip Morris” and a zillion episodes of Arrested Development with the Mr. yesterday

:::attempted to bake soft pretzels (semi-fail)

:::made “just okay” beef noodle soup in the crock pot

:::did 5 loads of laundry

:::made 2 pieces of melted crayon art

What’s that you say? Melted crayon art? Yes! It’s been a very popular DIY project that’s been popping up recently on Pinterest and I finally gave it a whirl. It was easy, fun, and a bit messy.

Materials: canvas, crayons, glue gun, blow dryer. I bought everything except the blow dryer from Walmart for under $7.

You can either leave the wrappers on the crayons or peel them off. I chose to take them off and used an exacto knife to score the paper so it came off easier.

Then –  hot glue the crayons to your canvas, turn the blow dryer on hot and high, and aim it at your crayons. They will immediately start to sweat and melt. If you set the canvas at an angle the wax will drip down it and create some cool lines.

Other tutorials for this project say you can run the crayons directly through the glue gun. It takes a little bit longer but you don’t get as much “blast” effect as you do with the hair dryer. I attempted this technique using a single white crayon and it was nice because you can control your drippings a lot better than you can with the dryer. But using the glue gun to melt the crayons runs you the risk of spatter as sometimes it just shoots out at you! Eek. Make sure to cover every nearby surface. Oh and this technique does not ruin your glue gun. Just put a glue stick through after the crayon and it’ll clear out any remnants of wax.

Here are how mine turned out:


I could stare at these things all day!

They kind of remind me of these Multi-Color Drip Taper Candles:


Mmm.. those would look good in those empty candle sticks on our kitchen table. Christmas present anyone?!

Anyway, I must go eat dinner, clean up the kitchen, and put away clothes. I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with photos and stories from our snorkeling adventure in Hawaii!

xo, “Me”


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