Po’alima…. that’s the Hawaiian word for Friday! Don’t worry we didn’t forget our honeymoon recap. We’re have 2 more posts in the works before the collection is complete – but sadly, we have to put them on hold for a few days until we get our underwater camera photos back. We’re crossing our fingers that there are some good shots of us snorkeling and on the beach so we can share those great moments with you all!

In the meantime lets catch up on what we’ve been doing since we’ve been home. I applied for 4 theater box office/usher jobs – heard back from 2 so far. One isn’t hiring but will keep me on a list for the future. The other one is hiring and will contact me within the coming days/weeks (that’s what they said…) for a potential interview. There’s a zillion more theaters I can send apps to so I’m going on to. I’m excited to get back to doing something I really enjoyed. Not that I didn’t love Psych but I don’t think it let me be surrounded by the creative energy I love that the arts give off.

Speaking of art– while waiting, applying for jobs, and doing chores I want to start doing some crafty/art stuff again. And I have the free time so why not! We are set to go shopping this weekend for groceries, an eye exam for the Mr., and an oil change to – and while we’re there I think I’m going to finally put all the inspiration I’ve gathered while on Pinterest.com and actually make something for once. I’m pretty stoked!

In addition to that I have also started writing thank you notes to the lovely guests that attended our wedding. It’s fun to do but slow going but totally worth the hand cramps in the end. Hopefully people like them!

Mr.C, on the other hand, has been busy too. After a couple rough days, he’s enjoying work again. They play football on break which is so fun for him and between that and the work he’s been getting in better shape which I know makes him happy. Also – they’ve been slammed with orders this week and as of yesterday already reached their 40hrs/wk so basically any hours they put in today count as overtime. Crazy right?!

The Mr.C and I are both looking forward to this weekend. We’ve got friends coming over for a mini Halloween bash at our apartment. Which reminds me – I need to get cleaning!

But before I go let me leave you with two things:

First, I am making up for not posting yesterday by linking up with eight six eleven for It’s Ok Thursdays. Have I mentioned how much I love this concept?  You get to complain about stuff and it’s…ok!


it’s okay….

…that I want to throw Mr.C’s phone out the window every time it allows him to press snooze. Seriously? Just get up when the alarm goes off, do we really need to set the alarm for 9am when we aren’t going to get up ’til 10am anyway? Does that hour need to be filled with annoying beeps every 5 or 10 mins?

…that I put off laundry for a week to focus on wedding thank you’s

…that we, and other residents in our building, got irritated notes from our property manager this week about having our windows open or air conditioners on. guess what you turned on the heat too early and it’s like a damn sauna in here!!

…that I’ve eaten an entire bag of green apples and apple pears from Trader Joes this week – they were healthy and delicious!

….that I am beyond excited that XBOX live is working so we can access our Netflix and finally watch the last half of Arrested Development Season 2!

… that Mr.C and I had Taco Bell after he came home from work last night. We texted each other at the same exact time to ask one another if we wanted to get TBell. No preplanning – we hadn’t even talked about TBell this week. Apparently we have ESP a la chicken quesadillas!

Second, in keeping with the usual Friday traditions. Here is this week’s “Fill In The Blank Friday” via The Little Things We Do.

1. When I was a kid I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up.

2. As an adult, my dream job would be to be a stay at home mom with my own little art/craft studio but who still goes out adventuring and volunteers at a local theater

3. When I was younger I wanted to be just like Princess Leia. 
4. The childhood Halloween costume(s) I remember most was/were hmm… I’d have to say Hermione, a cat, a pioneer/Little House on the Prairie girl, and a bag of jelly beans, oh and Belle from Beauty and the Beast

5. My favorite childhood toy was oh wow! well I loved my Star Wars action figures, my Barbies even though I only had Pocahontas and Mulan Barbies, and my doll house and “little family”. I also adored the dress up box and clothes I got from my aunt for Christmas one year! And the tee-pee! 
6. The time I got into the biggest amount of trouble when I was a kid was when I honestly it’s hard to remember. I wouldn’t say I got in trouble a lot but there were some doozies for sure. Probably Lying. 
7. What is one thing you want to pass on to your own children… the freedom to be creative, to take risks, to be opinionated, to be imaginative, to be respectful , to think about other people, and a love of reading – basically all the things my mama passed on to me like her mama before that ❤
8. I get daily inspiration from bloggers, my friends, books I’ve read or movies/tv I’ve seen, and of course Pinterest
Well that’s all for now kids. Catch you back here for the remaining installments of our Hawaiian Honeymoon!
xo, “Me”
P.S. check out my latest song obsession: ♥obsessed with this song, her voice!! Please enjoy “Brand New Key” by Melanie (1971/72) –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvIjQSFLb3U&feature=related

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