Fashion, Food, Family, & Fun

So the weekend is drawing to a close – but man, did we pack a lot in!


Mr.C spent the day at work, while I tidied up a bit and just chilled in the apartment. Then we hit the grocery store to grab pork tenderloin & BBQ sauce so I could make pulled pork for Mama & Gma who were coming to visit Saturday/Sunday.


We woke up and immediately hit up our local “Cost Cutters” for a new do for me and a trim for Mr.C. We were served by two lovely Asian ladies, one of whom got Mr.C to spill about his entire life, our marriage, the move, etc. She was in great spirits and commented about everything – to Mr.C in regard to the shaver settings – “You sure you want 8? No no, too long. 7. 7 better. Shorter!”, about us – “Oh, you marry? Only 22?! So young. So young! Time for baby?” and my stylist, still as sweet but more quiet gave me some nice compliments – “No highligh? No color? Better that way. More healthy. Pretty hair. Very nice”. In no way do I mean to be offensive, we love the diversity that we’re getting in Minneapolis, just recording our experience – plus it’s so different from the cornfields and (mostly white!) Middle America we are used to. Plus you know I have a thing for accents! Oh if only Mr.C was truly Irish…yum… Haha! Which reminds me, I need to finish watching New Zealand’s Next Top Model. Love it!

Alright, I guess I’ve made you wait long enough. I took this pictures into Cost Cutters for inspiration and told her to incorporate the main components but make it suit my face – and she did! I really like it – it’s so much lighter, has more body, easy to maintain (though I do have to do a bit of blow drying & styling to the “bang”) but all in all, it’s a pretty nice style I think.

Inspiration (Mae Whitman – plays “Amber” on NBC’s Parenthood):


The Big Reveal: 


So there you have it! A little shorter than planned but I quickly learned to love it! Plus it’ll be nice and light for Hawaii & my hair grows out pretty fast if I ever decide I don’t love it anymore. Though right now I am quite enamored! Haha Vain much?

Anyway, after getting the Big Chop we zoomed back to the apt where Mama & Gma soon showed up. They’d driven to Clear Lake, IA the night before and completed the drive to our place in MiniApple that morning. Luckily for them the pulled pork was almost ready on their arrival – so we had a delicious lunch before hitting the town for a mini tour and of course a stop by Mall of America. After wandering the mall, people watching, and dinner we stopped by IKEA for an hour. Mom fell in love with a chair but sadly they were out of stock at the moment. Hopefully the Mr. & I can stop back over and pick it up later once it’s in stock! After a long day of driving and “shopping” we split up with plans to meet up at 9am the next day. The Mr. and I returned home and relaxed with a little “Arrested Development” via Netflix.


The Mr. had some “alone time” for most of Sunday as we ladies zipped around Minneapolis and surrounding areas on a thrift storin’ spree. We hit up a few Savers, Goodwills (which we like much better than Savers), and even tried a Salvation Army (though it was closed…their website lies!). Popped over to Eat Street (Nicollet Ave) for a lunch buffet at a Middle Eastern Restaurant – “Java Restaurant”.


From there we dropped off the Gma for a quick siesta at our apt. Mr.C, we thought, was there watching the Bears game but later found that they actually play tomorrow (Monday) at 7:30pm. *Go Chicago! Go Bears!* Anyway, Mr.C played video games as the Gma grabbed some mid-afternoon z’s.

The Mama and I raced around town (and even a bit over in St. Paul) hitting a few more thrift stores. I walked away with a haul and not a very large dent in the wallet. From left to right – cute dress, awesome silver/glitzy tank top, black/grey tank top, $5 one=piece swim suit, pink shorts “jump suit”, and WWII/Holocaust fiction book. The jumpsuit/swim suit/ and tanks will be perfect for Hawaii – and upon their return, the tanks will look cute under sweatshirts and even dress up a nice blazer with the silver one. As suggested at the blog, Being Zhenya, pairing the summer dress with some tights or leggings make it perfect for fall weather too!

After thrift storing, Mama and I also quickly hit up the Midtown Global Market which hosts numerous ethnic groceries & restaurants along with jewelry shops, flowers, and imported handicrafts from all over the world.

Ending our adventures, we stopped back the apartment to pick up Mr.C & Gma before heading to make our 6pm dinner reservations at “It’s Greek To Me” – which serves, yep, Greek!

We dove into plates of greek style green beans, oven roasted potatoes, saganaki (flaming cheese – pictured above), and taramosalata (a delicious dip for bread made from fish roe). Mama also had spinach spanokapita while Gma had shrimp and the Mr. had the most amazing pork! Although not quite as good as the best greek restaurant ever (according to our family!) – the Greek Islands in Chicago, IL – it was still a really nice place eat & celebrate the end of a great weekend visit with the fam.

In other news…

Mama brought up one of the wedding gifts that did not fit in our car last time – a Memory Foam mattress pad! We are in heaven. Sleeping on a futon is okay but add this and you don’t notice a bit. Honestly it’s like laying on a cloud. And!! You can’t feel or tell when the other person moves around or gets out of bed. A huge thanks to Mr.C’s uncle and cousins for the fabulous gift! We all know how cranky I get when I don’t get enough sleep or a very restful night so basically you probably saved our marriage & Mr.C’s sanity. Just sayin’. Haha love you guys!

Also, another wedding gift arrived – a GPS/Garmin which we love! In a new city and with all our adventures – it’s a must and we rarely go anywhere without it. Yes, we can read a map. But seriously, it makes trips so much easier and makes you less intimidated to drive to places you’ve never been. Hurrah for adventure!

Finally, tomorrow is Monday which means Mr.C & I will be busy packing for Hawaii, confirming trip details, and hitting Walmart up for travel sized/airplane approved toothpaste/deodorant/etc. We’re so excited for the Honeymoon and cannot believe it is upon us so soon! I’ve powered up the ipod and the Kindle so I am ready! First plane ride here I come – followed by beautiful beaches, island views, local cuisine adventures, a hike to the top of a crater, Pearl Harbor, and of course a nice vacay with my wonderful husband.

I will try to sneak a quick post in before we leave but if not, we want to say that we love you all, hope you have a great week, and that’ll we’ll see you back here probably Thursday, Oct. 20th. Eek! Such a long absence from you all and the internetz…. but well worth it wouldn’t you say – a Hawaiian Holiday?!

xo, “Me & Mr.C” 


6 thoughts on “Fashion, Food, Family, & Fun

  1. I love the new ‘do. Honestly, though, I predicted you’d go shorter. Glad I’m not a gambler. Don’t forget gum for the plane, it helps alleviate pressure increases in the ear caused by rapid elevation. You can also swallow several times or just pop your ears, but it’s much easier to just chew gum during take-off. I thought of it today, and was disappointed in myself for not thinking about including it in your package. My bad.

    • haha are you kidding?! you guys do too much for us already! and mr.c said he was already picking up some gum for me as a gift/part of my “first plane ride” kit. that man… anyway, glad you like the hair! yeah, i usually go medium length the first time then if i get bored i go shorter – but this time who knows. i like it the way it is but if it grows out too past i’ll shorten it up!

  2. Dear Mr. & Mrs. C

    I really enjoy your blogs! And I love your new do, Mrs. C. Have a wonderful trip to Hawaii. I’ll look forward to your blog and pics when you get back. Safe travels!
    Love, DB

    • DB! :) thanks so much and yes, you can definitely expect a ton of blogging upon our return. hope all is well with M.Bi. we miss him!

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