Planning my PWC

That is the “Post-Wedding Chop” for those of you who (are not crazy &) have not spent the last year or so (obsessively) reading wedding blogs. It’s simple, many ladies (once they get engaged) start to grow out their lovely locks so they have more hair options for the big day. The PWC also has a little sister, that I don’t think has a name, but basically corresponds with recent college grads chopping their hair into more professional dos (usually bobs) to prep for their entrance into the adult, working world.

I was on board with the PWC concept before I even know that it had a name. As I mentioned before, I’ve always had long hair except for a short time in college when it was shoulder length. I really liked it then, although sometimes it required a bit of styling, but it was something different and it was nice for once in my life not to have my hair always being knotted, taking forever to dry, or generally just getting in the way. Don’t get me wrong, I love my long hair, but it’s gotten to the point where I need something more manageable. Plus after growing it out for a year+ I’m super antsy for a change, and with a new husband and a new city it’s about time for a “new me”.

After trolling online for a few hours last night, sending ridiculous non-options to Kt for our own amusement, and playing around on’s cool makeover generator thingy – I’m still no closer to knowing what I want. Only that some this length needs to go.

So, for your amusement, here are some options and non-options that have been floating around. Please excuse my ‘naked’ face and my awful puffy right eye (it had a scratch on it but no worries it’s all better!). Anyway, comment below on which ones are you favorites! We personally love the Cleopatra one!

Haha – Hopefully this provided you with a little afternoon amusement. I’m open to any suggestions or inspirational photos – I’m still at a loss and we’re going for the cut on Saturday! Oh and Mr.C is coming to for his own PWC – though it will be wayyy less dramatic as he only needs a trim.

xo, “Me”

P.S. so throughout the day I’ve been continuously searching for inspiration for the hair cut. as of tonight i’m drawn to a combo of those pictured below:

Definitely want to keep a bit of length, but add some major short layers throughout – still unsure if I’ll go full fringe/bang or just add longer front layers that I can “faux-bang” if I wanted. Haha in fact I’ve also been playing hairdresser in the bathroom in attempt to see if longer layered bangs would even suit my face shape. I’m looking to “funk” up my look but still flatter my round face. Enjoy some classic Megan faces!

So there you have it!

An update on the rest of my day:

**The dishes have stacked up too high and daunting so the most amazing husband in the world said he’d help me tackle them tonight. Honestly the best man ever!

**Wanted to surprise him with turkey burgers tonight and the turkey still isn’t as thawed out as it needs to be. Darn.

**Plan B – yum, Mac ‘n cheese! So put a huge pot of noodles on. They finish boiling ready for cheese, butter, and milk?! F! I have no milk. *insert a FML moment*

**Decide to just use the bottle of alfredo sauce I have in the kitchen. At least it’s something right? We need to go grocery shopping apparently, though we were hoping to survive on the minimum since we leave next Tuesday for Hawaii!


7 thoughts on “Planning my PWC

    • Thanks! :) Yeah, I like the idea of bangs but the last 2x I tried they were awful, but maybe it’s because they were not the right kind of bangs. I’m thinking longer, layered bangs is probably better if that’s the way I end up going. Thanks for the input!

  1. I really like the second one. But the third and fourth are nice too. I’m sure you’ll look nice with whatever, except maybe a mohawk. That would be weird. I grew my hair out for our wedding, but ended up getting it cut 2 days before. It was about shoulder length and I cut it to just below my chin. Everyone that knew before hand said I was crazy and I wouldn’t like it. But I did. I kinda did it for spite, cause i can be mean like that. I also didn’t want to have to scrub out a can of hairspray and a thousand bobby pins at the camp shower.

    • S – oh! well your hair looked super cute for the wedding, and i think the style/cut suits you very well. the second one is nice, probably what i’ll end up with but i have a feeling if i walk out with it i won’t be as happy because i feel some weird need to take more of a risk. but then again, last time i did that i got bangs and i loved ’em for a day and hated ’em haha oh well we’ll see. hair always grows back :) – and p.s. i totally doing things outta spite too….we are awful! lol

      • oh and if i do go risky! i like the third one, just not sure if it would look good on me in the end, the 6th one’s not too bad either. and the 7th one, first crazy bob with the dragqueen makeup i kinda like too – maybe as “mom” haircut and if i had super straight hair. haha mine would a major huge fluff ball if i cut it that short!

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