We are the Three Best Friends….

If you’ve seen the Hangover you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, check out the following clip here. Made famous by Zach Galifanakis, this song is one of Mr.C’s faves to just bust out into.

“We’re the Three Best Friends 
That Anyone Could Have
We’re the Three Best Friends
That Anyone Could Have…”

Anyway, in our case, I’d have to alter the lyrics a little bit and replace “Three” with “Four”. Why?

Because Mr.C and I are lucky enough to have 2 of the coolest people in our lives and it’s just a bonus that they come as a fabulous, married set. We are absolutely crazy about them and lovingly refer to them as our “best” and “favorite” “couple friends”. Being that they are in Indiana and we are now in Minneapolis (previously in Illinois) we did not get to see them often, but when we are able to get together we always have fun times. And now that they have Skype, we’ve been able to double date! Haha! Anyway, we have already mentioned this couple to you a few times – on the blog you know them as S&B, B was Mr.C’s best man at the wedding, and S, his wife, is the cake-maker to the stars and made our scrumptious wedding cake/cupcakes. (below: us with S&B)

But lets back track a little bit… B & Mr.C have been best friends for ages. Mr.C grew up in Indiana and he & B lived down the street from one another. They tell crazy stories about riding their bikes and skateboards all over town, pulling video game all-nighters, going to Steak ‘n Shake at 2 or 3 a.m, and how one time Mr.C pushed B home on a skateboard after he (we believe) fractured his ankle.

When Mr.C moved up to Illinois (where we met) he would always go back to visit his friends and family, and B of course, on breaks from school and summer vacation. After we started dating in high school, I got to accompany Mr.C on some of his many visits where I met B for the first time and of course S, who was his girlfriend at the time. We spent the weekend of Little Italy Festival getting to know each other and having a blast.

When I moved down to EIU to attend college, Mr.C was excited because the Uni was only 40 minutes from his hometown, and from S&B of course. Needless to say over the next four years, we popped over every once and awhile to grab dinner & a move with S&B or to hangout with their friends for game night. When S&B tied the knot last October, Mr.C was honored to be B’s best man – and in return, B, was the best man at our wedding. Although we weren’t around to help them plan their big day, we were very proud to be a part of it and to help in anyway we could that weekend. The wedding was beautiful and we were so glad we were there to share it with them. And of course we were beyond thrilled that they were able to do the same for us (and so much more!!)

As the years have gone by, we’ve all gotten closer and they definitely are one of our “favorite couple friends”. And of course, over the years, as we’ve gotten to know each other we have stumbled upon some shocking discoveries. We have documented them below and believe that you’ll find them as eerie (and funny!) as we do!

Evidence #1: S&B started dating in the April of 2003. The Mr. and I started dating shortly after in November 2003. They got married October 16, 2010, after dating for 7 & 1/2 years. Mr.C & I married November 17, 2011, also after dating for approx. 7 & 1/2 years. So – they are high school sweethearts, and so are we!

Evidence #2: B & Mr.C are huuuge Chicago Bears fans…and want to get matching tattoos. *insert S & I rolling our eyes here*

Evidence #3: S & I are creepy similar in a zillion ways. To name a few….we both like to be organized. Preplanning is an absolute must, we must know everything that is going down before hand so we can mentally (and in some cases) physically prepare. We also love list making. As mentioned in a previous post, we both share a bit of that obsessive/worrying/future-itis. We are great at creating drama out of nothing, much to the chagrin of our husbands. We also share bizarre habits such as leaving cups of water everywhere and when our mothers ask where all the glasses went we sheepishly sneak into our rooms and come out with stacks in our hands. It goes like so – we go get a cup of water, drink a few sips, and bring it into the living room to drink while watching tv. We forget about said water so when it’s time for bed we get a new glass, take a few sips with the intention of drinking it throughout the night and head to the bedroom. Morning comes, we have a half empty glass and instead of taking it to the kitchen we just leave it and go grab a new one. And thus our water cup collection is born. Haha! We also enjoy texting each other and in the midst of our conversation, instead of asking our husbands what their responses are to things or questions, we usually just answer for them. We are also their personal secretaries because apparently (according B  & Mr.C) as “girls” we always want to know things too far in advance, ask too many questions, and want too many details – that they deem unimportant. Honestly, sometimes they don’t understand why it’s important to make sure they have an outfit to interview for a job in *earlier* than like an hour before the interview. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea. But what can we say, we still love our guys!

Evidence #4: Mr.C & B are creepy similar too. The one that really sticks out though, and is not a habit they could have picked up together, is wearing the same pair of shorts or jeans over and over and over again – for weeks – and not seeing anything wrong with it. In fact sometimes they’re proud of how long they’ve worn them and where/how the stains got there. It’s like a timeline of their life. Haha. Oh! and they are notorious for having pockets full of things. They always have to carry wallets, keys, phone, pieces of paper, chapstick etc or else they don’t feel their outfit is complete or they feel like they are unprepared for their day. It’s like a woman’s purse, except all their stuff resides in their pockets. B & Mr.C also share the same sense of humor and can carry on a conversation for hours using only quotes and sound effects from movies and tv shows. They also have the most sweet, calm temperaments and undying patience that it takes to deal with their sometimes (often) crazy wives.

Evidence #5: We all like to eat. Yay food! And whenever we are down to Indiana for a visit we make sure to get up on Sunday morning before we leave to meet up at Dairy Queen for breakfast. That’s right, their DQ serves breakfast – biscuits and gravy too! Oh and during the Little Italy Festival we cannot *cannot!* get enough Sati Babis!

Evidence #6: Mr.C & B love Patron. And beer. Sometime a little too much.

Evidence #7: S just texted me in response to recent post about my hair. She “swears to heaven” that her hair is exactly the same! See? Twins yet again!

I know there are definitely more things we have in common but I don’t have any more I can think of off the top of my head to add to the “creep factor”, as we call it, of our couple-ness.

Anyway, with all that background (aka Mr&Mrs.C’s love letter to S&B), we can get to real reason for this post. S&B rock, obviously, but they recently blew our socks off!

This afternoon I put on my big girl pants, grabbed my mace (another gift from S!), and headed down the street to the Post Office to retrieve a package sent by, you guessed it, S&B.

Here it is once I got it home (after waiting for 45mins at the Post Office, man that place was hoppin’):


And here’s the amazing explosion of goodies it was keeping for us:

We are overwhelmed by the thought that went into this! Almost every piece had a note attached with well-wishes or an explanation for the item.

There’s Starburst candy – the wrappers from which Mr.C and I used to throw at each as we flirted back in the day at high school sports events before we started dating. Candles with delicious fall smells. An empty jar (lord knows I love a good jar!) for filling with sand, or sea glass or other honeymoon treasures. Leis and little drink umbrellas to get us in the honeymoon spirit and keep us there long after the trip is over. Hot cocoa mix and coffee mugs for Mr.C to take to work.

“Smart hangers” to help us use the most of our small closet space. Fridge magnets and organizational ones at that! Treasures and treats (like cola flavored candies) from Karen, an exchange student visiting S&B’s family from Hong Kong. A waterproof camera for fun Hawaii beach photos (genius! thank you!!). And some “lunch box” hand sanitizer that smells like PB & J – the note attached said “this smell reminded me of your wedding song” (Perfect Two by Auburn). And an envelope full of coupons and a slow cooker recipe (Turkey Chili Cheese Pie with Cornmeal Crust).

Last but not least – a sweet card complete with fun facts about Indianapolis. S&B plan to move there soon (and hope to also start culinary school!) and since I’m not going to grad school anymore (and “not tied down”) they’ve been trying to talk us into moving to Indianapolis in the future. In all fairness, we’ve also been trying to to talk them (and pretty much everyone else we know) into moving up here. Anyway, our apartment lease is up in a year, so who knows what is in store of us. A place closer to where Mr.C works? Another few years in the MiniApple, or even forever? Or will some awesome, unknown opportunities present themselves in Indy? Who knows.

All we know is we’re going to enjoy every minute of this so far fantastic adventure.

Miss you S&B! ♥

xo, “Me”


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