Zoom In

As promised in this morning’s blog post, photos of our decked out apartment. After promising that earlier, I realized you all have basically seen it and that the most recent additions, of the chair and the shower curtain turned art piece, were already documented also. So, instead, I thought you’d like to zoom in a little and take a look deeper into “the big picture”s that we usually post.

First, spilling over from this morning’s post, an image of the sun streaming in our apartment at 10am. Shortly followed by, yes, none other than my laptop plug in being propped up by one of my awesome candle stick holders and a deck of playing cards. The outlet, being loose and old, couldn’t hold a plug if its life depended on it. That goes for all of our outlets. And they are all 2 prong except for one (!) set in the kitchen. Damn first world problems! lol











Next up, we’ll zoom in on the tv stand/bookshelf.

Say hello again to Vice Captain Nubbs. He is doing quite well, finally settling down his roots, and enjoying ample sunlight.

And in front of him resides…well it doesn’t have a name but some say it looks like a cross between a fluff ball/spiky coral/puffer fish – lets go with, Spike, I guess. Anyway, it’s actually a fun, semi-easy DIY project I did awhile back. I’ve been meaning to make a lot more as they look pretty cool, can be done in any color/pattern paper you want, and can used as x-mas ornaments, hanging window decorations, or just as a conversation piece on a coffee table. It’s made entirely out of paper so it is up to you and your imagination for how big/small it is or what it will look like. The instructions can be found on this blog, How About Orange.

Next to Spike (Land Before Time anyone?) is one of our fave wedding gifts (thanks MOH-E!). From the collection of Fred and Friends, comes this delightful hand blown glass bowl that is made to look like an unzipped plastic sandwich baggie. It’s super light weight, slightly delicate, and all too realistic. Today it has mints in it.


And, finally, to round out the corner is this neat (we think it might be marble) apple. It’s uber heavy! After drooling over Young House Love‘s white ceramic fruit, as seen below, I’ve been sure to scour every thrift store I enter for ceramic fruit. Over the summer I was lucky enough to grab up two adorable ceramic pears, one green, one white, which you’ll remember live in our little kitchen nook. Well, a new fruit has entered the family and we couldn’t be more pleased. Introducing Mr.Apple! And for those of you gasping and grabbing your phones to text me about his golden leaf, let me reassure you that, although yes, I absolutely despise gold, I think I can overlook it just this once. UPDATE: I just checked online, and while obviously the leaf is brass (appears gold) – the real fun is that – yes, it is indeed marble!, and that it is vintage!, and that while I only paid $1.99 at Savers Thrift Store for it – it’s selling on ebay, here,  for $20. Ha! What fun!


Did I also mention I die for anything ceramic and white? I love Young House Love’s lotus tea-light candle holder as seen above and found for sale here. I am also a sucker for the likes of these:

Above: a white ceramic clam shell, used as a fruit bowl currently & a cactus, as a joke, because obviously my real ones would be major jealous…

Haha, well, while you all leave me here to drool over my white, ceramic obsessions – here’s what we did yesterday:


*Woke up around 9:30am for me, later than that for the Mr.

*Rushed around cleaning everything up, making the bed, sweeping, cleaning the bathroom, etc in anticipation for our guests that afternoon (dinner date with Mr.C’s Luther friends)

*Due to lack of cable, found Mr.C a nice website where he could watch the Bears game for free!


*BEARS WIN!!!!!!!!

*Find out people can’t make it for our planned get together, we miss them, but plan to set up a new hot date after the honeymoon. love you guys!

*I convince Mr.C to take me to Savers (the thrift store where I found Mr.Apple and yet another x-mas surprise). Pleased to note that Savers is right near an Aldi’s grocery store as I have been dying for frozen asparagus (it seems to be the only place you can get it) and frozen, long string beans. We’ll have to go there for groceries after the honeymoon. Oh and also at Savers, this one’s for my fab sister-in-law, A., Angry Birds Halloween costumes! Ha!


*We decide on a spontaneous date night and head out to the movies to see “Killer Elite”, then to a quick (unhealthy!) dinner/snack at McDonald’s….where I realized I left my purse after we headed down the street for gas. Thankfully, after filling up, it was still there, right where I’d left it. Needless to say I’d been having a minor (major!) heart attack about it. I am fairly certain that no drivers license or money does not bode well for an airplane trip. But the good news is is that I’ve got it and all is well!! Continuing on with the positive theme – the leaves are a’changin’ in ‘ol MiniApple. And, ew, is that an awful photo. Sorry folks…


*After the film  – back to the apt, where we settled down to a little stand up via Netflix until bedtime. Oh Nick Swardson how I love you! Oh and he’s from Minnesota too – though you probably know him best for his gay, rollerblading character on Reno 911 on Comedy Central.

Well, that’s all I have for today folks.

Hope you enjoyed this much lighter post after this morning’s more reflective/inspirational/self-therapy post. But before I leave you, one last song before you hit the road. This one I heard in the background of a Heineken (which Mr.C says tastes like skunk pee) commercial at the movies last night. Loving the song, I tracked down the original. It’s called Jan Pehechan-Ho by Mohammed Rafi and was featured in the 1966 Bollywood film, Gumnaam, a suspense thriller. Bollywood and the 60’s?! Count me in! Think James Bond meets Rock ‘n Roll (in 1960s India of course)! Haha! It’s a fantastic, energetic, groovy, funky song.

Listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnBbjc5hmho&feature=related


xo, “Me”

P.S. Okay I lied! Just one more song! Back in college, when I was a Resident Assistant, I got to work alongside some pretty cool kids. One of them was Adam, a talented musician. You can also thank him, along with Nate!, for introducing to me to amazing world of Zombies. For that I’ll ever be thankful! Haha, nyway I am happy and proud to report that he is still in music (in Chicago) and that the band he’s in just released the first track from their new EP. I urge you to definitely give it a listen! It’s really quite good, perfect for tonight. Enjoy…. http://minorcharactersmusic.bandcamp.com/track/come-break-my-heart


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  1. Good thing you brought those candle holders. :) Next time you see something ceramic that you like, pick it up and spray paint it white. works like a gem and I agree that they look stellar!

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