Bagles, Battles, and Bills

That’s what’s happening at the Carty household this morning. Waiting for Mr.C to roll outta bed  so we can get our day on (it’s almost noon after all! … but he works hard…)

We have a few errands to run, then hit up a thrift store or two if I can talk him into it, then back home to relax, and clean up the apartment before having friends over on Sunday – we’re going to dinner somewhere, then back to the apt. to catch up and hangout.

Anyway, this morning’s activities for me include –

Doing: paying bills, rent check’s due, and car insurance paper work

Eating: an “everything” bagel. which i think has sesame, poppy, onion, garlic, caraway on it. yum. my fave. all it needs is Lox and we’d be set!

Watching: yet another WWII movie (can’t get enough, we watched one last night as well). This one is “Return to the Hiding Place” (2011)  – When the Nazis begin killing Jews in Holland, a group of youth fight to save the lives of the innocent. Basically about the Dutch Resistance. A little slow, but pretty good so far. But, if you’re in the mood for a little WWII flick, I highly recommend “The Brest Fortress” aka “Brestskaya krepost” (2010) – shows the defense of the Brest Fortress which had taken up on the first strike of German fascist invaders on June 22 1941. Story describes the events of the first days of the defense. This movie is beautiful, great cinematography, many interwoven story lines, very engaging, you will be glued to your seat! It is in Russian, but there are English subtitles. I watched it here (one of the Putlocker links has the subs): –

Well, that’s it for now. Oh and epic kitchen fail #569… last night called Mr.C in to move contents of crock pot to a bowl to put in the fridge but at the time it was too hot. He said he’d remember to move it before we went to bed. We put in a movie and the beef stew was quickly forgotten about. Fast forward to this morning, 10 am, I get up and realize, oh crap we left out the beef. Wah wah wahhh. Call my culinary expert and health safety extraordinaire, Kt, who said don’t risk it. So, into the trash it goes. Though, after last night’s horrid review of that stew, I guess that’s where it belongs. Thank god it wasn’t too large of a batch.

Alright, we’ll catch up with you later!

xo, “Me”



So finally the Mr. got up after some video gaming – we got ready, grabbed a quick lunch, and headed out the door around 2pm.

The first place we hit up was Saint Vincent De Paul‘s thrift store. Pretty poor selection for clothing and items, but most St.Vin’s are like that. This was was especially dingy, but the people were nice. Anyway, we only here for the furniture which they always have a great selection of and at decent prices. Straight to the back room we went and within about 10 minutes we were out of there with a “new” chair for our apt. They had just put it out on the floor, I pointed it out. Mr.C sat in it while I looked around at the rest of the stuff. While I was gone he asked the price, the guy said he’d discount it too, and so we left with a fauxleather chair and footstool. The chair even reclines! $22 later we were shoving it in the car and off to our next destination.

^Mr.C carrying said chair to the car

Next up was the Salvation Army‘s main store in Minneapolis. Sadly we didn’t find anything we wanted there but it is a massssive store! I did drool over these decent, clean, white sofa/chairs but someone had already scooped them up – not that we’d have room for them anyway or that they’re out style. But they were definitely cool! They looked like the picture below (but white!) and when you push two of them together they form a high backed couch. Fancy!

Oh and on our way to the Salvation

Army (SA) we got to go through downtown and some tunnels! You know “I love me a good tunnel!” :)

Well after no luck at SA, we decided to hit up the Goodwill. It’s only 15 minutes from our apt. but since we were farther away at SA it took longer than that. We did take a more “scenic” route instead of barreling down 35W and it was nice. Lynlake has some nice house/parks/etc. Lynlake is probably at cousin to Lyndale, the neighborhood we’re near. Anyway, Goodwill yielded a few x-mas presents which I cannot divulge but the store was nice, large, had a good dress section. I’d go back for sure. Although the cashiers were absolutely awful….very very slow. Lets just hope they were new or being trained. Omg – and Mr.C says I have to mention this one lady that was there – she was stocky, wearing jeans with suspenders, a slight “beer belly” he said, and she had a baseball cap on. The oddest part – she wore the cap crooked and over half her face and when you saw her up close you could see she always does that because her eyes and forehead were completely white but her nose, cheeks, chin, etc were super tan! Anyway, Mr.C said I had to tell you all about that because he was enthralled with her the entire time we were there. Oh, and she works there too apparently.


Next up – we hit a gas station to fuel up. Cheapest gas we’d seen all day! Sadly, after trying to fill up over and over again, it was just not accepting our debit cards. Finally someone came out and said you had to pay inside. Mr.C heads in only to find out their computers are down and they only accept cash. Ever heard of putting a sign up people? Anyway, sadly, we left there without any cheap gas.

Finally, we headed back home.  Set up the “new” chair, did some laundry, and watched about 8 episodes of Arrested Development via Netflix. The show is no longer on the air and the eps. are only 21 mins long so it’s a good show to watch while doing dishes or laundry or right before Mr.C goes to work. It’s also nice to have a chair to watch TV in. Below: Mr.C playing his video games (VGs). And yes that is a shower curtain behind him. I hung it up to flatten it out and it’s sorta just stayed there -adds a bit of color to the room!

Well there you have it. Our Saturday! xo, “Me”

P.S. only 9 days ’til the Cartys are airborne!!

Pictured: another plane flying into MSP airport >>>


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