Folks… it’s Friday! Hurray! Looking forward to a great, relaxing weekend with Mr.C. But that can’t start ’til he gets off work tonight. So until then I will occupy my time with some light reading, a movie or two, dishes, maybe laundry (those machines drive me nuts!), and cooking.

Currently in the slow cooker (as they call it in Minnesota): a beef stew complete with carrots and potatoes.

Here’s a quick peek at the beef stew:


And, depending how motivated I get today, I may even whip up some of those cheese potato pierogis along with baked mozz. sticks made with string cheese and wonton wrappers. But like I said, we’ll see how motivated I get.

Now, onto our usual Friday programming – “Fill In the Blank Friday” as borrowed from

1. My current obsessions are string cheese, stand up comedy, and Pinterest.

2. Friends & Family make me happy.

3. My greatest strength is the ability to do nothing for days….okay just kidding. uhm… multitasking? being creative? lol i’m over this question! too job interviewy

4. Procrastination and rationalization is my greatest weakness, probably.

5. My life is going to get exciting in about a week: skyping with Jo&Kt next Friday, Saturday/Sunday Mum & GMA come to visit, then off the Hawaii for the honeymoon.

6. In high school I was surrounded by a great group of friends, got to do tons of cool things, made a fantastic movie (Fab 4 yo!), played in the band (TUSK!), was on the Quiz Bowl team, really into Art & English, did Theatre too, even played Volleyball for a bit, and walked away from there with tons of great memories, experiences, and adventures.

7. When I’m super tired I can get extremely cranky and mean. Similar to when I’m hungry. lol I’m sucha child!

So, there you have it! Hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll be back later to update on the beef stew outcome.

xo, “Me”

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