TGIF Part 2 aka Why We Don’t Use Our Oven

Hey people. Okay, so after blogging this morning I decided to just go balls to the wall and cook everything – the beef stew, pierogies, and mozzarella sticks. Uhm, someone take my apron away because I’m pretty sure something went wrong with each item I cooked today. Haha, oh well whatcha gonna do?!

First, beef stew. Still not done. Tasted it a bit ago, the potatoes and carrots in the stew/sauce taste amazing. The beef. Ew. In our haste at the store last night instead of getting stew beef, we accidentally picked up beef for like carnitas or french dip sandwich beef. Gross. So now the beef is like awkward and stringy and fatty… thank god it was only $6. Lesson learned. Anyway, we’ll have to see when Mr.C gets home what his verdict is. From now on I’ll stick to cooking non-beef meat lol I prefer chicken, turkey, or pork or no meat at all to beef anyway. Unless its a delicious Outback Steak…mmm…steak….. UPDATE: just ate some beef stew now that it’s done cooking, it tastes a bit better, the veggies are to die! so next time we’ll get the right meat and it’ll be scrumptious. Mr.C’s opinion: Not good. 

Next up, pierogies. Now, they didn’t completely fail but they weren’t amazing either. It was like eating mashed potatoes wrapped in a dumpling. It is probably because I used wonton wrappers instead of making actual dough. Oh well, I don’t really think pierogies are my thing (both to cook and to eat). Here’s how they turned out with a little sour cream on top:


Finally, oven baked mozzarella sticks. Easy enough, take wonton wrappers, cut string cheese sticks into fourths or thirds, wrap ’em in the wrappers, seal with butter and pop in the oven. Unless you oven is F-ing ridiculous like ours is. Sometimes the oven gets to hot, sometime it’s not hot enough. Sometimes it only cooks half the pan. Yep, and sometimes, okay, MOST times, it sets off the smoke detector. Cue running around opening windows, cranking the AC, turning on every fan I can find…. grrrrrrr….. And this is why we don’t use our oven! But, at least they tasted fairly good. Due to the uneven cooking of our oven I’m sure they could be better but who can complain with melty cheese dipped in marinara? No one. Mr.C’s opinion: They’re okay. 


Well, that’s my adventures in the kitchen for today. I will now curl up in the bed and watch a movie ’til Mr.C’s off work. Too many kitchen fails for today to do anything else productive. Hear that apartment?! Go clean yourself. Haha.

Later peoples. Peace. – “Me”

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