Totally Tuesday

So, where did we leave off? Oh, right, Friday & our huge (potential) plans for the weekend. Haha – well, wanna know how it turned out? Alright, well biggest news first!

Ryan and I *did not* have a minimoon this weekend because… we’re going to Hawaii bitches! :) Yep – we decided to take the plunge and go on  a “real” honeymoon instead. Since I am not currently working (the job I applied for was already filled) getting time off is not an issue. As for the mister, Mr.C’s boss nicely offered him time off if we decided to go – saying it’s a very special, memorable time and as long as he didn’t take a month off, Mr.C was more than welcome to call off work for a week or so. Needless to say we jumped on that! After a zillion attempts to secure a good deal on, a minor (or in Mr.C’s opinion probably major) meltdown from me due to frustration, calls to our hometown bank to lift the debit card limit, we finally, on Monday morning were able to book a sweet deal (7 nights stay in hotel & 2 roundtrip flights) for only $2000!

(below: plane leaving MSP! eeek, that’ll be us in 14 days)

So, come Oct. 11, the Mr. & I will be boarding a plane to the beautiful beaches of Honolulu where we will spend little time in our crappy hotel and mucho time out and about, hiking the volcano crater, swimming in ocean(!!!), checking out Pearl Harbor, and just enjoying the warm weather and being together (cue *aww* lol). We are beyond excited! And although we’ll be on hiatus from blogging between Tue. Oct 11 – Tue Oct 12 – you can expect many photos and stories upon our return.

Now, onto this past weekend.

Saturday, Sept. 24:

After waking up around 10 am and slowly getting out the door, me & Mr.C….

-headed to a local bank to open a joint banking and savings account (how adult of us!)

-dropped off my package of grad school textbooks to UPS (selling ’em back to for $270! yay!). oh and one the way we passed McDonald’s where there was a vegan/animal cruelty protest happening. 

-realized we were in Uptown (which is a pretty neat area)…

and decided to eat out for lunch. flipped a coin between pizza and Chipotle (<–which we realized is now super close to us…uh oh wallet watch out haha. Chipotle is like crack to the Cartys). anyway, it came up heads – pizza. side note: my favorite quote is this “when faced with two choices simply toss a coin. it works not because it settles the question for you, but because in that brief moment when the coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you are hoping for.” Ha – So… I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I tell you that we went to Chipotle instead! And it was delicious, as always, and of course Mr.C insisted on sharing his corn chips with the already plump little birdies.

After lunch we stopped to laugh at the sign in the parking lot (it was a warning about towing, customers only parking, and how if you chose to disobey “carma” would get ya!) before heading off to IKEA. Originally we had planned to go thrift storing (yep that’s a verb) but Mr.C wasn’t in the mood and we figured we really needed to replace our terrible/deflating/quickly popping at the seams air mattress:

So, we wandered around IKEA and came home with a futon/couch combo, shelving/tv stand unit “thingy”, dish towels, and a new cactus friend for Captain Penii. We have named him Vice Captain Nubbs. Of course a trip to IKEA always calls for photos of future living inspiration and random poses on awesome couches (as seen below).

**Special note for our friend S (of S&B, cake maker to the stars…okay just us but damn that wedding cake was fine!): you and I both drooled over the polka dot couch last night…well lookie what they’ve got now!

I die for this amazing coffee table with glass top and drawer. It’d be perfect to fill with my cool coin collection or sea glass or movie tickets the Mr. & I have kept. Mr.C loves (and I fully agree) these modern kitchen cupboards. How neat that they pull up instead of out!

(side note: damn slippery futon/couch/bed! lol i’m sitting up on it, leaning against the wall, and all of a sudden the pillows fall between me and wall! thanks futon, for tossing me on my ass while i’m trying to blog! &@$%! lol)

Anyway, as we were entering the “warehouse” part of IKEA to pick up our furniture pieces, Mr.C & I spy a huge rolling cart with cacti and other succulents. Between my excited squeals and Mr.C’s guilt for being an accomplice in the Captain Penii v.s. Lumina battle – we added Vice Captain Nubbs to the Carty household.  Here he sits atop our pile of put-it-together-yourself goodies from IKEA.The next photo shows Mr.C putting together our new futon.

After the futon was put together, Mr.C grabbed a snack while I put on some make up – and we were headed out the door to Camp, a bar in St.Paul, where we scored tickets via (2 tix = $19) for a “drinking play”. It’s called “Bye Bye Liver” and it’s a hilarious blend of sketch comedy, audience participation, and drinking games. Here’s the website if you want to check it out: :// – for those who watch Jersey Shore – it was definitely “a blast in a glass” haha We had the best time! I was DD so I played the drinking games with ice water, but it was nice because Mr.C was able to drink a few beers and relax after a hard week of work. Best story from the night besides the show which had us laughing the entire time – was this super busty blonde lady and her man friend who we both immediately spotted as they entered the bar. already pretty drunk, they decided to swallow each others tongues at the bar before finding a seat on a bench near the wall. at one point in time he was sucking on her finger (get a room! lol) and then halfway through the show, he decided to move his hand on down to Lady Town – which promptly got them removed from the show and the bar. Whatta night for those two!

Anyway, here a few photos of Camp and Bye Bye Liver. I forgot my camera and it was way too dark for camera phone photos so I stole these from Google:

Camp was pretty neat inside. Above the bar was about 8 disco balls in varying sizes. A painting on the wall depicted the Black Madonna – only with Liza Minnelli! and in her arms was a miniature of herself in full costume from Cabaret.

Following the show, I drove home – but not before we wasted 20 mins of random driving around the Lyndale neighborhood where we were hoping to grab a pizza to go with our 1/2 off coupon. After passing by the same block twice and never seeing the restaurant twice we gave up, got cozy in the apt. and had it delivered! And so ends our quite exciting Saturday.

Sunday, Sept. 25:

Well, on Sunday the Mr. & I kept it simple. We slept in, watched a movie (“Carrier” if anyone is interested, and it was good!!), hit up the grocery store, put together our shelving unit/tv stand thingy, and made dinner.”Mom’s” delicious mac & cheese with a side of chicken and bbq sauce yum!

Monday, Sept. 26:

Mr.C went back to work and I decided to be productive. If figure, as long as I’m not working I better get my domestic on. No worries folks, I will being really actively pursuing jobs after the honeymoon. Until then I’m enjoying my alone time and the chance to learn how to cook! Haha. Anyway, 2 loads of laundry later, I broke out my brand new crock pot (thanks to yet another awesome wedding guest!) and set to work on bbq pulled pork. Here’s a link to the recipe (but it’s super easy!):

The ingredients: pork tenderloin, bbq sauce, and a can of root beer

Pour the can of root beer over the pork, set your crock pot/slower cooker for “Low” and let it cook for like 5 hours or until it shreds easily. Then shred it up with a fork/knife (or your hands!). Add a bottle of your fave bbq sauce to it and mix it all together.Let it warm up on “Low” for a little bit and then enjoy the fruits of your obviously very taxing labor!

I am happy to report that Mr.C said it was THE BEST pulled pork he has ever had. And that’s sayin’ something (and if you know Mr.C you know not only does he like pulled pork but he also does not lie). So at least I know how to make at least one thing he likes!

In fact he liked it so much, he had 3 sandwiches after he returned home for work, and 2 more for lunch today (Tuesday). *On a selfish side note: it was really hard to part with all that meat….. I really just wanted to scarf it all down myself!

Well, as the pulled pork was cooking away in the crock pot, I tidied up the living room, arranged our new furniture, and still had time to Skype with Kt – all before the Mr. came home.

Here are updated pictures of our apartment. It’s really starting to come together and feel more homey. Below are two pictures of our shelves/tv (I couldn’t decide which pic I liked better) and then one of our new futon/bed. And yes that is an over-sized fish pillow (named Cindy the Man Trout – she was a birthday present from my mama, I’ve had her/him since 7th grade!).

*above: camera flash

*left: natural lighting

*below: our new bed/futon

Tuesday, Sept. 27 (today):

Mr.C off to work again. I couldn’t sleep so got up early to pack his lunch like I do every day. This time I packed him two sandwiches of that delicious pork as a surprise (he thought he was only getting one & a left over burrito!) I also sent him off with his new new fave chips (kettle cooked sharp cheddar) and a banana; in which I etched a secret message with a tooth pick. If you scratch the surface of the banana skin without breaking all the way through, the area/words you etched out will eventually turn brown so you can read it. Haha fun right?! Yet another borrowed idea from Would be great for a note from mom/dad in a kid’s lunchbox (or apparently in a husband’s lunchbox too!).

Today, so far anyway, I have started yet another crock pot dinner. This time it is chicken and dumplings (just google that but for a slow cooker and you’ll find the recipe).Basically – a little butter, cream of chicken soup, a bunch of halved chicken breasts which you then add water (or in my case chicken broth) to cover. I also tossed in some mixed veggies (which Mr.C will be thrilled about I’m sure). You let it cook for 5 or so hours on “High”, then 30 mins before you want to eat, you rip up store bought biscuits and add them to the crock pot. Let it cook and serve. I am still waiting for it to finish cooking so I haven’t added the biscuits (which turn into dumplings) – but I’ll post pictures once it’s done!

In the meantime, I washed dishes (which I actually did!) and reorganized&cleaned the kitchen (which I did, well…in my mind! lol as is evidence by the photo below) – all of which happened while I watched Kathy Griffin stand up. That red haired diva makes me [almost!] pee my pants sometimes. Seriously absurd!

After all that jazz, I spent 2.5 hrs writing this ‘ol blog post. Yes, I take forever to write. I always have. And after slacking for a few days with no new post, and with all the adventures and pictures I choose to throw into it – it takes a bit of time. But I don’t mind – it’s fun to write, fun to share, and I enjoy all the comments you people leave me. And I know my fam appreciates knowing we’re still alive (and not starving or living in squalor!)

Well, I am off to give my GMA a surprise call, add biscuit/dumplings to my dinner (crossing fingers that it turns out well), and then finally getting around to actually (not just mentally) cleaning and organizing the kitchen.

Check back with you peeps later!

xo, “Me”

P.S. apologies for the random photo placements and wording in some places. the blog post setup was challenging me today and this was the best i could come up with!

P.S.S. so, the chicken and dumplings is finished. sadly, i finished the dish without the recipe so i accidently put in to many biscuits/dumplings – oops. so aside from the fact that it is to “doughy” – it’s pretty good. not absolutely amazing, but still pretty good for a first try. next time i’ll use another recipe.

<— see? much too “dumplingy”

still, pretty tasty if you only use few dumplings

side note: Mr.C came home and ate 2 bowls! he said he really liked it actually and that it wasn’t too dumplingy. and he’s taking it to work tomorrow. so at least he liked it.


3 thoughts on “Totally Tuesday

  1. Thanks for the compliment. It was so funny! And yes, I absolutely love that couch. That one will be easier to convince B to get. I like the new tv stand. And I wish B liked bananas cause that idea is super cute. Miss you guys.

    p.s. PDA (especially on that level) is gross, but provides a good story, huh?

    • aw thanks! and we don’t plan to. it’s perfect for updating friends/family as well as for us to keep a record of all the cool little things we’ve done. i’ll eventually print out the posts and put ’em in a binder :) plus, when it’s time for little Cartys – we wanna be able to share pictures/videos for all the family to see lol

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