Fill In The Blank Friday

Playing along with “Fill In The Blank Friday” that I stumbled upon on this blog:

Fill In The Blank Friday:

1. The best thing I did all week was….get married! (wait, does that count since it was on Saturday?)…if not the next best thing was finding sweet deals on potential honeymoons!

2. TV show marathons …make me super happy.

3. Pets are…interesting. Mr.C wants a dog in the future, I personally like cats. We always joke we’ll get one of each, when they’re young so they can grow together and not fight. We’d name the puppy (a weiner dog), Rum, and the kitten, Coke. Ha ha… But for now we’ll settle for our cactus instead.

4. My new Husband …. is the best thing about my life right now.

5. With the cooler weather I am looking forward to… hot chocolate, hot apple cider, roasted pumpkin seeds, chicken and dumplings, and of course jeans and sweaters

6. Something that is on my wish list right now… a set of pots and pans so I can start a’cookin and possibly a new bed of sorts

7. This weekend I am going to… chill with Mr.C, possibly hit up some thrift stores for cheap furniture, watch a movie or two on Netflicks, maybe hit up a comedy club (gotta love Groupon deals), and probably some laundry and definitely grocery shopping. Also perhaps a “minimoon” but that depends on if we decide to take the plunge, spend the $$, and take a real honeymoon instead, in which case we’ll put our minimoon $ towards bigger and better plans – which we will of course keep you in the loop on! 

Have a great weekend!


Me & Mr.C


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