Stay At Home Wife

Haha, yep, that’s me. Or at least it is for now – until I get a job of course! I’d applied for one so far, no news yet.

Anyway, so, it’s Thursday. A mere 4 days after the wedding and I feel like I am just now starting to catch up on my sleep. Poor Mr.C hasn’t though –  been working since Monday (noon-9 or 10 at night). But he seems happy enough and is enjoying work a little more, though I’m sure he’ll love it when that pay check rolls in with all his overtime $$.  To make it easier, I make sure to get up while he’s in the shower like a good little housewife and pack his lunch before he heads off to work. Haha, 1950s much?? Sheesh!

But, no, I actually like doing that for him and even get all adorable and such by hiding him a note in his lunch box or packing the occasional surprise sandwich. Yeah, yeah, go ahead and make fun, lol, I can just imagine my brother wanting to pummel me right not cuz the love-o-meter has already past loveydovey and maxed out at overlymushy.

This week, while Mr.C has been at work, I have lounged in bed, caught up on my tv shows, cleaned the apt a bit, slowly unpacked our gifts and other necessities from home, done laundry (which is kinda a b*tch because one dyer is broken leaving the whole bldg. with only one working), caught up on all the dishes, and cooked a few things.

Now the food you are about to see is not some of my best work. It’s just, after coming back from the wedding, we’ve been too utterly lazy to go grocery shopping and prefer instead to scrounge around in the cupboards instead or  call cheese and crackers a meal. Obviously, when Mr.C comes home from work it’s wayyy more important to talk about our days and settle in bed watching Netflix movies than it is to go buy some food. But no worries – it is on the ToDo list for this weekend and I’ll finally get to use my new crockpot/slowcooker.

In the meantime, here’s what’s been cookin’ at Cafe de Carty (pron. Car-tay in this instance):

My (not at all) “famous” biscuit pizzas:

basically flattened out store bought biscuits, with some tomato sauce (or in my case spaghetti sauce) and cheese on top. pop it in the oven. delicious and fast. you can put whatever you want on them. make great lunch left overs. and the photo in the bottom right is to showcase the yummy homemade “breadsticks” we brought home with us from the wedding, courtesy of Bob&Rose and the bakery in Clinton, Indiana that actually makes them. they were the perfect accompaniment to this recipe – as was my sous chef Sir Salt and Pepper Pants ( a wedding gift).

Turkey Tacos:

My friend Kt actually taught me this little gem (in addition to teaching me basically everything kitchen related…including browning meat, cooking chicken, making soup, etc. thanks Kt! we’d be starving right now if it wasn’t for you!) .

All it is – ground up turkey meat, browned, then add taco seasoning to it. I like to add it to refried black beans, cheese, sour cream, and corn for an especially yummy burrito. Again, also good for taking to lunch the next day. And if you’ve never tried tacos or burritos with frozen cooked corn – it’s a must! So good!


My lovely GMA gifted us a blender/smoothie maker at the wedding shower and we just now go to test it out. Seeing as how we barely had anything on hand our first smoothie consisted of some of Mr.C’s strawberry yogurt, milk, and frozen strawberries/mango/pineapple (from a large frozen fruit mixed bag from Walmart). It was actually pretty good! I have now learned that it does not like really frozen fruits so thawing them a bit is a must and that if you don’t close the cool little dispenser while you blend it pours out all over the floor…haha…

Well, that’s basically all the excitement that is has been going on around here. Yes, we did get Netflix. Since we don’t have traditional tv or cable and due to our large obsession with movies – we knew it was a good fit for us.

Also, since we have had to re-inflate the air mattress every night recently we will be looking into new sleeping arrangements. Neither of us wants a traditional bed at the moment, especially this this small studio apt. so we are currently considering sofa beds/pull out couches, non crappy futons, and japanese style beds/Shikibuton trifold foam beds. We figure any of these topped with our new memory foam mattress topper (another wedding gift! thank you Mr.C’s Uncle & cousins!) will make for perfect sleeping arrangements. They can be easily moved, for when we get another apartment, are reasonably priced, fit in our apartment, can be folded or moved to create more room, and can be used for a couch or other seating options. Of course we will be sure to test these options out – in fact we are hitting up IKEA again this weekend to do just that.

In addition to IKEA, we will be going on a mini-honeymoon, or minimoon if you will, to Mall of America (which, side note, has a wedding chapel in it?!?!). At Mall of America we plan to get bracelets that give us unlimited rides, all day, at the amusement park/roller coasters housed in the mall.  And after that we will hit up the Melting Pot downtown for a romantic, fondue dinner. Of course, no minimoon weekend would be complete without opening a joint bank account and going grocery shopping! Mr.C also wants to visit the aquarium that is in Mall of America as well, but we will probably save that for another weekend.

Last but not least, we are looking ahead, adjusting the budget, daydreaming/planning a “real” honeymoon. After work on Monday, Mr.C alerted me that because we had brought in some of our left over wedding cake, his boss said that he might be able to give him a few days off sometime so we could go on a trip. How nice! Currently, do to amount of days off and $funds, we have turned our sights on Hawaii. In case other people reading this are planning a trip: we just found a vacation package for $931 per person which includes round-trip airfare and hotel room for 6 nights. Not too shabby. And that hotel is only 3 blocks from the beach….

Anyway, that’s what’s been happin’ in our neck of the woods/concrete jungle.

Oh but before I go! A quick moment of silence for my (almost) fallen war hero Captain Penii. He and his buddy, General Electric, were bought by Kt and I during college. They grew up together, lived together, and traveled together. After the wedding, Captain Penii accompanied Mr.C and I back to the apartment but in our haste, we left him out in the car….for days…and he rode with Mr.C to work until yesterday, when upon a sharp curve, he tipped, poured dirt all over the floor, and broke of the top of one of his growths. Unfortunately, in Battle of the Lumina, poor Captain walked away defeated and with war wounds. Although we are certain he will survive, he will always have his little nub. Here’s a look back at Captain Penii through the ages and then of course his most recent portrait.

The Captain’s first photo, sophomore year of college:

Captain on R&R at my house, junior year of college

The Captain at my college graduation, May 2011

The Captain at the wedding, Sept. 2011

See how large he’s gotten over the years?! He had a huge growth spurt this summer! This is what he aspires to be…. (photo taken junior year of college, at Providence, Rhode Island, botanical gardens)

And now….. my poor wounded gentleman today….

We have confidence that he will make a full recovery! And of course, because you are all so concerned, we will continue to update you on his progress. He thanks you all for the well wishes!

And with that, the Captain and I leave you for tonight. I’ve get some pasta on the stove to feed the hungry monster in my tum (and of course left overs for Mr.C’s lunch tomorrow!).

Another blog post will go up tonight as well (3 in one day you lucky people!). I frequent a website known as which has been invaluable to my wedding planning/inspiration. People have been asking about our unique ceremony wording so the next post will talk about that, how we wrote it, where we got our inspiration, why we chose to do certain things, and will include the full text from the ceremony as well. So be on the look out for that if you are interested!


“Me” and Captain P.


5 thoughts on “Stay At Home Wife

  1. No problem BT. I’m glad to see some of what I taught you has stuck :) PS I love all the Captain photos. I can see how much he has grown. But maybe with his injury, he will come back better than ever.
    Additionally… I love your salt & pepper shakers!

    • thanks bt! and yes, i am no longer (okay only still slightly) scared of cooking! :) but if i’m gonna be a housewife i better learn lol. and yes i love captain penii thru the ages. he did get big! lets hope he comes back better than ever. and yes the salt&pepper shaker rocks – does bran need xmas ideas? it’s by fred and friends on amazon….

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