Hey all. So this weekend was fairly uneventful – we basically just hung around the Cities and relaxed. No apartment warming party but we did blaze thru many a redbox dvd and snacked on laughing cow cheese and crackers (our absolute favorite snack!) along with nutella and green apple slices. Yummo! Not sure the order we did things in this weekend but we did….

-Buy Mr.C a fabulous suit coat & pants, along with a crisp white shirt, and super classy shoes. He’s gonna look quite dashing come Saturday.

-Buy groceries

-Have a date night at Leeann Chin’s (bourbon chicken baby!) and see the movie “Contagion” in theaters (it was quite good!)

-Map out my bus route/stops/and transfer. Although at the current moment I am not planning to ride the bus this evening, hopefully Ryan’ll be off work early enough to pick me up instead. It’s a little too dark to walk the 2 blocks to the bus stop and after being dropped off, the 3 blocks home. But no worries mom, there are plenty of security guards standing on each side of the street near school and in the doorways so it’s super safe walking to and from campus buildings. They even report every student to each other on walkie-talkies. “You got a female student heading your direction on Park Ave S. Do you copy?” So that least that’s good.

-Finish the mock-ups for the guest book (we love it and hope you will too!) and the programs. Hope to print and assemble those tonight or tomorrow.

-Chatted with the DJ. He assured us it’d be a rockin’ reception party!

As for today, Monday, Mr.C dropped me off at school before picking up our internet modem and then heading off to work. Some how he managed to slip back to the apt in the midst of all that – shower – and set up our internet. So the soon-to-be, in 5 days, Cartys now have the internetz, yeehaw! haha Thank god, because we were getting soooooo bored without any internet or tv or football (Mr.C!). It’ll be nice not to have to drive to McDonald’s or sit out in my school’s parking lot or Starbuck’s just to check our emails.

Anyway, class was fine today. Had Developmental Psych from 8:30-noon, and then MFT Orientation from 5-8pm. Met a girl in my first class (who also happens to be with me in Personality and in Stats) and we started chatting. She currently ushers at the Guthrie theater downtown AND works at the Y teaching theater classes and this summer worked at the Y summer camp. Crazy! Needless to say, we had a lot to chat about. Even though I have a full schedule I did look around to see about any part-time jobs. Did not find any at the Y near the apt (it’s only 1 block away) but did find one at the Stages Theater company in Hopkins, MN. It’s 30min by bus from Uptown, so like an 1hr from our apt. It’s for  Part-time Box Office Associate/House Manager/Usher Positions. Contemplating whether to apply or not…. deadline is Sept. 23 so I’ve still got some time. Might be a hassle to get there but if I was able to work Th/Fr/Sat/Sun it’d be doable. Hmm….

Well, off to read a chapter for class. I have some reading to do yet for tomorrow’s Stats class, as well as 2 papers to write before we leave late* Thursday night to drive home to prep for W-Day. Only 5 days away people!

xo, “Me”


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