Real Life


Mr.C and I woke up at the crack of dawn…or wait, I’m not even quite sure if was dawn yet. 5:45am really killed us after a weekend of sleeping in and naps but somehow we managed to get up, shower, pack our lunches, and stumble out the door.

Mr.C had his first day of work and orientation started at 8am. Unsure of the traffic situation, he decided to leave earlier than needed and avoid the potential of being late on the first day. (He was happy to report barely any traffic, arriving to orientation a half hour early, oh well!).

However, thankfully, after Tuesday he will be on his regular schedule, 2nd shift, from noon-8pm but often later because they apparently always seem  to end up with 2-2.5 hours of overtime each night. While we are excited for the extra dough, I admit I’ll miss him when he works late. I can only do homework & chores for so long people! And without internet or tv…. lol I feel like a cavewoman. Good news though, we should have internet set up over the weekend. Needless to say we cannot wait!

So while Mr.C was off at work learning the ropes, I was waiting outside of Saint Mary’s Uni, waiting for the doors to open. Instead of riding the bus I figured Mr.C could just drop me off early and I’d make use of their internet before my 9:30am class (Stats & Research Methods). Unfortunately for me, Mr.C dropped me off at 7am and me, thinking that the building *had* to be open early due to 8am class, was surprised to find the doors locked. Apparently the buildings open exactly at 8am. Great. The downside, I had to sit on a dewy wet bench, in freezing morning temps until the doors opened. The upside, I got to watch the sun come up and still use the internet even though I was outside the building.

Oh and the second bonus? I got to text all our friends about the most absurd thing Mr.C and I observed while we were driving that morning. Three or so blocks away from the Uni, I spot a man walking on the side of the road….completely naked!! I shriek and get Ryan’s attention. The people in the car behind us cannot stop laughing. The man was tall and lanky…and naked!! NAKED!!! And just strutting down the road at 7am like it was nothing. I have a feeling he may have “escaped” from one of the mental health homes on the street but who knows. It was quite the sight to say the least!

Anyway, 8am rolled around, I stepped inside warmed up and finally went off to class at 9:30am. Class only lasted until noon this time (thank god!) – although it’s usually supposed to last ‘til 12:45. The class is Stats&Research Methods and the prof is nice and reminds me of my Intro to Stats prof back at EIU, except definitely not as up to date with technology. He barely checks his email and we definitely spent the last half hour of class watching a VHS tape from 1988. But the class seems simple, we won’t go into nearly as much detail to make use of my Advances Stats class from last year nor we will even be doing very many calculations. He said that since everyone in the room was working toward a degree in therapy or counseling that we needed to understand the “big picture” and concepts rather than SPSS (stats computer program) or putting numbers into formulas. Best part of the class – his last name is Stedman. Yep, Oprah’s “husband”. Okay, so not really, and he’s not even black, but still – that’s all I think about every time some says his name. Keeps me entertained.

After class, I watched an episode or so of TV online before braving the 1.8mi walk from the Uni back to our apartment. So…yeah…not a fan of the walk. Not that it’s super bad or anything and I make sure to stick to the main busy streets but for not being a city person, I’m just hyper-vigilant and probably a bit too Law&Order SUV paranoid, especially since I don’t yet know the difference between what is normal “big city” and what is definitely not cool even for the city. Anyway, I made it home safe, partially thanks to my determined, quick gait and my inner monologue of “you can do this, you can do this”. Haha, seems like I’m over reacting but for someone with a touch of anxiety, you do whatever it takes.

Until the weather gets really bad, I’ll probably alternate between walking to class and riding the bus. I’m learned that avoiding/procrastinating the things I’m nervous or afraid of doing really makes me feel worse in the end; *even though I do it anyway, time and time again, and vow not to next time. I figure since we’ve moved to the big city and are soon to be married, I better take a step forward, face my demons, and try not slip back into my old ways not matter how comforting they might be. I’m determined to “put on my big girl pants” as my mama says.

Anyway! Upon returning home, I start to read for next week’s homework but fall asleep instead and wake around dinner time. While whipping up some cheesy, turkey mac, Mr.C comes home and we sit down for dinner and exchange stories of our day. Mr.C is beyond excited about his new job – it has great benefits & overtime, and the company is very supportive of its workers. Everyone he has met so far has been very upbeat and positive and his fellow workers in the warehouse are “funny, always cracking jokes” and “casual atmosphere, yet people still have a work ethic and get stuff done”. Sounds like the perfect environment for Mr.C! Time will tell how he feels about the actually “work” he’ll be doing but so far the first impression predicts a bright future.

After dinner, we head off to find a McDonald’s for, you guessed it, internet. Then we decided to treat ourselves and rent a $1 movie from RedBox. We watched “Cedar Rapids” starring “Andy” from the Office. It was actually a really funny movie. We also rented “The Conspirator” about Lincoln’s assassination which we plan to watch Wed. night provided Mr.C’s overtime doesn’t keep him too late.


Mr.C is up at 9am, getting ready for work and making calls to order our internet and set up car insurance. I’m up too, packing him a lunch (complete with an adorable little note haha) and spending time with the Mr. before he disappears off to work til late. It’s currently 9:30pm as I am writing this blog post and Mr.C still isn’t back from work yet. They told him they would probably have 2.5 hours of overtime tonight, so I don’t expect him until well after 10:30 or 11pm.

After Mr.C’s departure, I fell back asleep until 1:30 in the afternoon. Waking refreshed, I did the dishes, cleaned the apartment, cooked dinner, worked on a DIY project for the wedding, took a bath, read 2 entire books on my Kindle, organized my books for class, and filled out a schedule/calendar for class/assignments due/ bills to be paid etc.

Sadly, my sense of accomplishment was soon dashed to pieces when, as I surveyed my newly completed schedule I made a terrible realization…. I had accidently missed my morning class!!!!!! That’s right, apparently I had class this Wed. morning and didn’t even realize it. Obviously I take full responsibility but I know that a slight portion of this forgetfulness is due in part to still adjusting to our new life. And that stupid Labor Day Monday definitely through me for a loop. Ah well what can you do? Luckily, it won’t ever happen again AND I have already taken the class (Theories of Personality) in my undergrad AND this week’s lesson was on Freud AND she give us notes on Power Point AND I’ve already read the chapter in the book. So, although I’m still not pleased that I missed class (which everyone knows I hatehateHATE to do!) I’m glad to know that I can make up for most of it on my own and not fall behind. As my bt & old roomie, Kt texted me “No worries. Can’t fix it now. Just read up and kick ass in class next week!”. Thanks Kt, that’s exactly what I needed. Guess getting back into the school groove was  little more challenging that I can expected.

Well, it’s 9:40pm and Mr.C just texted to let me know he’s on his way home early! And so I’m off to finish making the bed and conjure up a quick meal for him.

Things to look forward to for the rest of the week:

-possible grocery shopping (we are still figuring out exactly how much & what we need to survive)

-potential apartment warming party this friday or saturday night

-shopping for Mr.C’s wedding attire (yep…we sorta waited ‘til the last minute. oops)

-wedding projects such as: printing the programs, finalizing ceremony wording & vows

-skype with friends/family (if/when we get the internetz)

Things to look forward to later in the month:

-W-day (obviously)

-visitors the weekend of Sept. 23&24 (Mr.C’s dad, S, and his fab fiancee, M)

-possible visit to Minneapolis sculpture garden (to see the giant cherry on a spoon!!!)

-post wedding date to Melting Pot Fondue

-more visitors the weekend of Oct. 8&9th (“Me”s mama & GMA)

Well, ta ta for now!

xo, “Me”

P.S. I was scolded by my mama in regard to my last blog post. Apparently I did not give her due credit for the title. So,  the team at “Mr.C & Me” blog would like to apologize and formally admit that yes, “Me”’s mother did in fact coin the term “Newly Moved Nearly Wed” that was used without previous credit in the last blog post. The team at “Mr.C & Me” thank her for her creativity (and generosity for not suing us!) :)

Thursday & Friday

Not much happin’ on the homefront.

Mr.C’s been at work from noon to 10:30-11pm each day. He is really looking forward to the weekend to rest his feet and catch up on some sleep.

I’ve spent the past two days doing a few chores, continuing to power through my Kindle library, suffering through some texbook captures, and attempting to put a few wedding projects behind me.

So far I have *finally* completed the wording for the ceremony as well as for the vows & ring exchange. Glad to have that done although Mr.C and I both agree it brings W-Day into reality.  8 days from today people! Eek!

Lets see, well, I am also finished with 100 cupcake flags out of the 180 that I must complete. And I have finished the super cute decorations for the cake. Still haven’t decided if a cake topper is necessary although we have some creative options in the works if we do decide to go with something. My next project today will probably be creating the “interactive” guestbook feature.

And once we finally have internet (cross your fingers that it is today or tomorrow!!!) I will be able to finish the programs, print, and assemble them. I also finished a pre-ceremony music playlist which is pretty rockin’ if I do say so myself. Hopefully other people think so.

Well, guess that’s about it. Tomorrow’s plans: sleeping in, hopefully catching up on all things internet(!!!), grocery shopping, and finding wedding attire & shoes for the Mr.

See ya on the flipside kids. :)

xo, “Me” (and the lately invisible Mr.C)

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  1. Good news, you only need 170 cupcake flags! The cake feeds 30, so I made 172 cupcakes. I don’t know that 10 makes much difference but…

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