Making the Move


After hours of packing (the night before of course), Mr.C and I grabbed a few z’s before loading our lives into the Lumina and heading out on the open road. Destination: Minneapolis, MN. 6 hours from home with no return ticket in sight.

At least, not until 17 days from now, when the Mr. and I go from Me to We. That’s right, our wedding day (or W-Day as we like to say) is rapidly approaching. So, what are we doing to prepare for our big day? Moving to a new state of course!

And if that doesn’t sound like enough already, we’ve also added the following to our plate: a new job for Mr. C, graduate school for me, & the fabulous adult responsibilities of renting an apartment, paying utilities, and getting car/health insurance. Thankfully, we’ve had a lot of help along the way, from Google, our very nice property manager, and Mr.C’s amazing and generous Uncle. And of course the friends and family who support us as we take this next step.

In hopes to stay connected and keep everyone up to date on our adventures, we decided to start a blog. And although this will mostly be written by “Me”, Mr.C will be sure to make the occasional appearance to appease his large fan club.

So, without further ado, here’s a run-down of our journey to the North Star State and our first 50+ hours.


Mr. C and I…

packed the car [beyond full!]

grabbed a quick farewell lunch at our fave restaurant establishment – Taco Bell

drove well into Iowa, even passing the masculine town of Manly, IA

finally, we reach Minnesota

and we are super pumped!

after a few more miles we stop to P and end up at D….Q that is! ice cream…yummo!

after a butterscotch dipped cone we hop back on the road

what’s that? fuzzy buildings on the horizon? must be Minneapolis!

after 6 hours in the car, we arrive at our temporary home for the next few days. a million thanks to Mr.C’s Uncle for letting us stay! he’s been invaluable to in our transition to our new life.

after sitting for so long in the car, we decide to stretch out and goof off upon our arrival

….okay, so i goof off and Mr.C stares at me in disbelief before trying to discourage me from being ridiculous…needless to stay, i survived to jump another day!


after arriving, we sit down to a delicious meal with Mr.C’s Uncle & Cousin before hitting the sack.


Mr. C and I…

wake up & drive to Cottage Grove, MN so Mr.C can undergo a health physical and drug test for his new job

on our way we get lost, wander into a random building, get directions from a nice lady with a sweet Minnesota accent, finally stumble into the medical facility, where Mr.C goes on a little date with the Dr., and i chill in the waiting room watching Paula Deen and Guy Fieri (or Ferrari as i swear it really is!)

from there we swing by my graduate school’s bookstore so i can pick up my final textbook and start reading (2 chapters due the first day of class, can you believe it?! i can – this is the big leagues). after scoping out the location of a few of my classrooms, we decide to head to Mall of America to celebrate Mr.C’s new job, and our first full day in MN, with one of his favorite restaurants – Chipotle.

aren’t their burritos huge?!

following lunch, we take a few laps around the mall and i embarrass Mr.C by posing for multiple photos on every floor. but who can pass up wearing Forrest Gump’s shoes?!


or gawking at the Oxygen Bar

or visiting my BFFs at Best Buy

thankfully i was able to sneak a photo of the Mr., much to his chagrin.

but it wasn’t all bad because we were currently sharing the most tasty cup of gelato – 1/2 berries & cream and 1/2 European dark chocolate – and to quote Rachel Zoe , “I die!” – it was that good! combine gelato with a view of the roller coaster/theme park and you’ve got a classic Mall of America date.


after ice cream, we browsed a few stores, picked up a new board game “Munchkin Zombies”, and headed back to Mr.C’s Uncle’s house for dinner, tv, a trial run of our new game, and finally bed.


Mr. C and I…

get up ridiculous early…okay so 7am but after sleeping in til noon for the last week this was quite a challenge. after 30 minutes of battling traffic and mist, we arrive at Saint Mary’s University Twin Cities campus.

my first ever class of grad school lasted from 8:45am-noon.the prof was nice and funny, but the class was long and boring. probably because it was mostly a review from my undergrad. the course is Theories of Personality by the way. thankfully next week we’ll be diving straight into something more interesting…Freud. i must thank Mr.C, however, because he patiently played computer games out in the lobby during my entire class. what a trooper! he definitely wins an award for most supportive husband-to-be.

anyway, after class, we hurried to the car and sped off for lunch at Leeann Chin. their bourbon chicken is like heaven in your mouth. after killing an hour wandering the mall, we went for an afternoon matinee at the theater where we sat in suspense during “The Debt” – an espionage thriller involving secret agents tracking down a Nazi war criminal in East Berlin. it was quite good although it makes me want “Sarah’s Key” to hurry up and be released. oh, WWII movies, how you tease me! i just can’t get enough.

after the movies, we headed back to Mr.C’s Uncle’s for dinner and now the two of us are relaxing before the big move tomorrow. that’s right! at noon tomorrow we are moving”for real” into our own apartment. a quaint studio with hardwood floors, a new fridge, and untouched, original 1920’s style. we can’t wait!

alright, well good night everyone. and remember to catch up with us, *here*, tomorrow

where you can enjoy more adventures of Mr.C and Me!

xo, “Me”


8 thoughts on “Making the Move

  1. I’m so glad you guys are enjoying MN! Sounds like the cuisine is treating you well. We’ll all have to go out sometime (my treat-since I can’t make it to the w-day).

  2. Hi you two,

    Hurray for blogging – loved the photos! And yes, Mr.C does win the award for most supportive husband!!
    Aunt Kathy

  3. I’m glad you gave captions to your photos because the one with minneapolis in the background was very confusing. I was trying to figure out what inside joke went with the names of the highway signs and was coming up blank. lol.

    Have fun on your first weekend at your new place. I plan on finishing my dress this weekend. Ha.

  4. Hey you crazy kids! Counting the days until we get to crown Megan into her royal title of Mrs. C! And of course ….party the night away. Ryan- I call the 12 th dance!

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